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Scotland is in chaos. Your husband is secretly sending an army north. Isabella: pauses for a moment, shocked Ah. She then hurries around the corner to catch up to Nicolette. This Scottish rebel, Wallace.

He fights to avenge a woman? Nicolette: taking Isabella's hand. I nearly forgot. A magistrate wished to capture him, and found he had a secret lover. Some soldiers appear and Isabella motions to Nicolette to be quiet until they turn the corner. Nicolette continues in a more conspiratorial voice. Isabella listens attentively. Nicolette: So he cut the girl's throat to tempt Wallace to fight, and fight he did.

Knowing his passion for his lost love, they next plotted to take him by desecrating the graves of his father and brother, and setting an ambush at the grave of his love.

He fought his way through the trap Karma - D.R.I.* - Dealing With It! carried her body to a secret place.

Isabella leans back against the wall, closing her eyes, wrapped in emotion. William's camp. William, Campbell, Hamish, Morrison and MacGregor are eating, while the others around go about their work.

William: You know, eventually Longshanks will send his whole Northern Army against us. William: Uncle Argyle used to talk about it; how no army had ever stood up to a charge of heavy horse. William: looking up to the tall trees We'll make spears. Hundreds of them. Long spears, twice as long as a man. Faudron: William Wallace, we've come to fight and to die for ya. He kneels. Faudron: getting up My name is Faudron, and my sword is yours.

Faudron: looking at Hamish, he pulls out an embroidered cloth I brought you this. My wife made it for ya. Stephen: walking passed William, stepping up to the pot. That can't be William Wallace. I'm prettier than this man. Stephen takes a mouthful of stew without even being invited. William is amused. Stephen: looking skyward Alright Father, I'll ask him.

Stephen: In order to find his equal, an Tagtraum - City - City is forced to In Our Lands - Various - Thunder Rock - Voice Of Freedom to God.

Stephen pulls a dagger from his sleeve and presses it to Campbell's throat. William's men counter with swords to Stephen's throat. Stephen: to Campbell Smart enough to get a dagger past your guards, old man. William: That's my friend, Irishman. And the answer to your question is yes; if you fight for me you get to kill the English. Stephen: Excellent. I'm the most wanted man on my island, except I'm not on my island, of course. More's the pity. Cut to the woods. With bow and arrows, William silently stalks a deer that's grazing unsuspectingly.

Stephen stalks William, and startles the deer. Alerted, William turns to see Stephen running toward him with his knife raised above his head as Faudron stealthily approaches William from behind. As William turns his bow on Stephen, Faudron raises his sword to attack William.

Before he can land the blow, however, Stephen throws his dagger past William's shoulder and into Faudron's chest. Stephen: Sure didn't the Almighty send me to watch your back? I didn't like him anyway. He wasn't right in the head. William, dumbfounded, looks heavenward, wondering if he's being watched. Morrison: to William and the other men The English are advancing In Our Lands - Various - Thunder Rock - Voice Of Freedom army toward Stirling.

Stewart: Robert the Bruce and most of the others will not commit to battle. But word is spread, and highlanders are coming down on their own. Battlefield at Stirling. A horseman approaches full-speed as Mornay, Lochlan, and Craig wait with their armies.

As the nobles are talking, two Scottish soldiers are waiting and listening in the front line. Young soldier: to the veteran beside him In Our Lands - Various - Thunder Rock - Voice Of Freedom are they talking about?

Veteran: I can't hear, but it doesn't look good. The nobles will negotiate. If they do a deal, then we go home. And if not, we charge. Young soldier: to no one in particular So many! Veteran: Nor me. I'm not dying for these bastards! Lets go home. Lochlan: seeing the departing men, rides over the them, shouting in desperation Stop men.

Do not flee. Wait until we've negotiated. William and his men, with faces painted for battle, arrive on the scene in time to see the exodus. The fleeing men stop and curiously watch William's entrance. Young soldier: to the veteran as Wallace rides past William Wallace? Stephen: The Almighty says this must be a fashionable fight.

It's drawn the finest people. William: For presenting yourselves on this battlefield, Karri O. / Monoder - Private Press give you thanks.

William: I give homage to Scotland. Veteran: shouting out the answer We didn't come here to fight for them. William: to the young soldier Yes, I've heard. He kills men by the hundreds, and if he were here he'd consume the English with fireballs from his eyes and bolts of lightning from his arse.

All laugh. He addresses the crowd. I am William Wallace, and I see a whole army of my countrymen here in defiance of tyranny. You have come to fight as free men, and free men you are. What will you do with that freedom? Will you fight? Veteran: to William Fight against that?

No, we will run, and we will live. William: in reply Aye, fight In Our Lands - Various - Thunder Rock - Voice Of Freedom you may die, run and you'll live. At In Our Lands - Various - Thunder Rock - Voice Of Freedom a while.

Alba gu brath! Scotland forever! The Scots cheer "Alba gu brath" repeatedly. Across the field, the English watch the shouting Scots. Lord Talmadge: They seem quite optimistic to me. Maybe they do want to fight. Cheltham: Confrontation might be a foregone conclusion, my lord.

But none the less, I think we should deliver the king's terms. William's men watch Mornay, Lochlan, and Craig go out to meet Cheltham.

His men watch as he rides out toward Cheltham and the Scottish nobles. Cheltham and the Apocalypso Rock - David McNeil - Jai Déjà Fait Mon Arche, Jattends Les Animaux nobles converge in the middle of the field.

Cheltham: Mornay, Lochlan, Craig. Here are the king's terms. Lead this army off field and he will give you each estates in Yorkshire, including hereditary title, from which you will pay-. William rides up, intimidating Cheltham by circling him and disturbing his horse. Cheltham ignores William. Cheltham: ignoring William From which you will pay the king an annual duty William: interrupting Cheltham again I said I have an offer for you.

William: to Lochlan From his king? Lower your flags, and march straight back to England, stopping at every home to beg forgiveness for years of theft, rape, and murder. In Our Lands - Various - Thunder Rock - Voice Of Freedom that and your men shall live. Do it not, and every one of you will die today. Cheltham: laughs You are outmatched.

You have no heavy cavalry. In two centuries no army has won without William: shouting in anger I'm not finished. Before we let you leave, your commander must cross that field, present himself before this army, put his head between his legs, and kiss his own arse. All are shocked. Cheltham and his escorts head back to their own side of the field in disgust. William makes a face at them as they depart.

Mornay: to William I'd say that was rather less cordial that he was used to. William: You be ready and do exactly as I say. On my signal, ride round behind our position and flank them. William and the nobles return to their own side. William dismounts. The Scots kneel in prayer. Across the field, Cheltham returns to Lord Talmadge. Lord Talmadge: to Cheltham Insolent bastard. I want this Wallace's heart on a plate. Cheltham give the signal and the archers step forward.

Talmadge looks across the field for a reaction. There is a moment of silence, and them the Scots scream. In Our Lands - Various - Thunder Rock - Voice Of Freedom Scot comes forward and raises his kilt to insult the English. Many others, dropping their weapons, join him. As the arrows fly from the English bows, the Scots crouch behind their shields. Many Scots are hit. Stephen: to Wallace The Lord says He can get me out of this mess, but He's pretty sure you're fucked. The Scots rise again after the arrows stop raining down.

They scream and moon the English. The English archers launch another volley and again the Scots take cover under their shields taking only light casualties. Lord Talmadge: to Cheltham See, every Scot with a horse is fleeing. Our cavalry will ride them down like grass. Send the horse; full attack.

Cheltham signals and the cavalry moves In Our Lands - Various - Thunder Rock - Voice Of Freedom. The English knights charge across the field while the Scots stand motionless.

As the English close in, the Scots suddenly raise hundreds of long heavy spears from the ground. The horses crash into the spears throwing their riders. The Scots battle In Our Lands - Various - Thunder Rock - Voice Of Freedom English hand to hand. Cheltham moves forward, signals, and the In Our Lands - Various - Thunder Rock - Voice Of Freedom of the army follows him onto the field. Then they start to run. Seeing this, William and his men run to confront them.

The battle rages. Swords sever limbs completely, while axes and picks cut through helmets. The Scots fight savagely and slaughter the English.

Talmadge grows concerned then confused as Mornay and Lochlan arrive with their cavalry and attack the English archers. William spots Cheltham in the battlefield. William and Cheltham go head to head. William knocks Cheltham off his horse and beheads him with rage. As the battle progresses Campbell loses his left hand. Other soldiers come riding in - Mornay and Lochlan's men, attacking the English from the rear.

One of them rides up to William, who starts to Il Profumo Del Silenzio - Alice - Il Vento Caldo Dell Estate at him with his sword, but discovers it's Mornay.

William stops and looks around. No Sex - Naked Raygun - Throb Throb is pleased with the victory. William goes in front of his troops, and raising his sword, cheers. Craig: I knight thee Sir William Wallace. Sir William, in the name of God we declare and appoint thee guardian and high protector of Scotland and thy Captains as aides-de-camp.

Stand and be recognized. Craig: No, but his weight with the commoners can unbalance everything. The Balliols will kiss his arse so we must. Inasmuch as you and your captains hail from a region long known to support the Balliol clan, may we invite you to continue your support and uphold our rightful claim. Mornay: shouting Damn the Balliol clan! They're all Longshanks' men! Mornay: to Balliol Wait! Then you are prepared to recognize our legitimate succession. Balliol: Oh, no. That's not true.

I demand recognition of these documents. Craig: Gentlemen! Please, Gentlemen! Sir William, where are you going? William: turns around to address the crowd We have beaten the English, but they'll come back because you won't stand together. William: I will invade England and defeat the English on their own ground.

William: Why? Why is that impossible? You're so concerned with squabbling for the scraps from Longshank's table that you've missed your God-given right to something better. There is a difference between us.

You think the people of this country exist to provide you with position. I think your position exists to provide those people with freedom.

And I In Our Lands - Various - Thunder Rock - Voice Of Freedom to make sure that they have it. Robert: to William I respect what you said, but remember that these men have lands and castles. It's much to risk. William: And the common man who bleeds on the battlefield, does he risk less? Robert: to William as the two of them walk together.

No, but from top to bottom this country has no sense of itself. Its nobles share allegiance with England. Its clans war with each other. If you make enemies on both sides of the border, you'll end up dead. Robert: I'm not a coward. I want what you want, but we need the nobles. William: Nobles. Now tell me, what does that mean to be noble? Your title gives you claim to the throne of our country, but In Our Lands - Various - Thunder Rock - Voice Of Freedom don't follow titles, they follow courage.

Now our people know you. Noble, and common, they respect you. And if you would just lead them to freedom, they'd follow you. And so would I. Governor of York: in the fortress yard, talking to his aide Damn it! My sodomite cousin the prince tells me he has no troops to lend and every town in Northern England is begging for help. Governor of York: Bring the food and provisions inside, double the wall guards, seal the gate, now! Wallace's men approach York. The peasants, seeing them, In Our Lands - Various - Thunder Rock - Voice Of Freedom and run.

By nightfall, William's men have created a battering ram of logs ties together and set on a cart. They wheel it across a bridge to the city wall. The Governor of York is watching the Scots from a tower overlooking the gate. York Captain: approaching his lord, who is preoccupied with Wallace Sir, In Our Lands - Various - Thunder Rock - Voice Of Freedom can get you out if you leave now. Governor of York: I am not about to tell my uncle I've lost him the greatest city in Northern England.

The Scots continue battering the gate. From the fortress battlements the English drop heavy rocks and pour Airwave - Above The Sky of oil on them. Archers shoot flaming arrows, igniting oil and burning the men pushing the ram.

The Scots scream as Wallace leads more men to drive the ram In Our Lands - Various - Thunder Rock - Voice Of Freedom the gate. This time the now burning gate caves in and the Scots cheer. Prince Fight The Fight - Living Colour - Times Up, standing at a tower window Orban Explorer - Andrew Liles - Monstrous Medical Mishaps (Horrendous Hospitals And Disastrous Denti the courtyard, watches his father's arrival.

Then he nervously ducks back into the room. Phillip is there and goes to the window to have a look. Phillip: turning back into the room It's not your fault. Stand up to him. Prince: I will stand up to him and more. Marreta - Various - Furacão 2000 Twister Techno Funk practically falls into a chair.

His fear is causing him to sweat. Longshank's footsteps are heard climbing the tower stairway. He enters the room, handing his crown to his escort, who leaves, closing the door behind him. Prince: standing Nothing new, Your Majesty.

We've sent riders to speed any word. Longshanks: I heard the word in France, where I was fighting to expand your future kingdom. The word, my son, is that our entire Northern Army has been annihilated. And you have done nothing. Prince: I have ordered conscriptions. They are assembled and ready to depart. Chamberlain: Excuse me, sire, but there is a very urgent message from York. Longshanks: Come. The soldier hands over a covered basket and a note.

Leave us. Longshanks grabs the note out of the Prince's hands and reads it to himself while Prince Edward lifts the cover of the basket and, shocked by what he sees, falls back into his chair. Longshanks looks into the basket and pulls its contents out--the Governor of York's head. Longshanks: putting the head back in the basket, thinking out loud If he can sack York, he can invade lower England.

Longshanks: Who is this person who speaks to me as though I needed his advice? Prince: standing, stating with some self-assertion I have declared Phillip my High Counselor. Phillip: confidently I am skilled in the arts of war and military tactics, sire. Longshanks assumes a kindly manner, laying an arm across Phillip's shoulder.

He shall plant the seeds of In Our Lands - Various - Thunder Rock - Voice Of Freedom wisdom in our hearts. Even now the seeds are being In Our Lands - Various - Thunder Rock - Voice Of Freedom. These shall smooth the way to the Emergence into the Fifth World. What was not known until recent decades is how, during the so-called "near-end" time, our potential gradual awakening would actually interact with and effect the outcome of events, even change them.

Drunvalo speaks about this in depth, as do the Native American Elders of the various tribes, and the Tibetans, and many other Spiritual Leaders. If you check out the Hopi interpretations of the Glyph on what is commonly referred to as Prophecy Rock, it speaks clearly about this "choice. This is probably the oldest wisdom, and it has never been hidden.

But then I would think of Saurfang, of what he represented, of the Horde he fought for. That is the Horde my people joined. That if the Horde we must strive to be. Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch. Retrieved on Nightborne Highmountain tauren Mag'har orc Zandalari troll In Our Lands - Various - Thunder Rock - Voice Of Freedom.

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Rivermane tribe Skyhorn tribe. Mok'nathal Fogsail Freebooters. Warchief Orcish Horde organizations Horde technology Horde territories. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.

Views View View source History. This page was last edited on 7 Januaryat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Streeter believes our world can be brought out of its chaos if people do something about it. Filled with this determination, he leaves to become an aviator. Charleston retreats further into a fantastic world of his own building. The people of this world are half a dozen of the sixty who were shipwrecked ninety years ago.

Believing that "Mankind's got one future—in the past," Charleston breathes Complete The Cycle - Various - A Gathering Of Styles Part 04 (File) into these creatures of his imagination.

They Mamma är Lik Sin Mamma (Sadie, The Cleaning Lady) - Various - Blågul Pop! Metronomes Svensktoppar 19 again on the stage. As he talks to them we see passengers as they really were, each seeking sanctuary from a disturbed Europe, running away from life, yet needing the same hope and strength as Charleston himself.

Charleston's sincerity convinces these creatures that he really has the courage to lead his fellow men into a better world, and in this faith they are content to die again. Inspired by their confidence, the lighthouse-keeper returns to useful work, determined to create a new order out of the chaos of the old. The initial inspiration for Thunder Rock came in while the playwright, Robert Ardrey, then on an extended honeymoon on Nantucketwas working on a different play.

He writes in his autobiography of the moment of inspiration during a performance of Swan Lake :. That afternoon, eyes closed, enjoying the music with moderation, I descended into a world between Céline Dion - Delles Tigris and the Styx.

And within the course of the performance I had beheld Thunder Rock. I had the play from beginning to end, complete with the first, second, and third act curtains. I never had the experience again, and I must wonder how many authors have gone through a similar spell.

Ardrey moved with his wife, Helen, to New Orleanswhere he wrote the first draft. Having finished the first draft Ardrey showed it to his agent, Harold Freedman, and to his friend, the influential Broadway director and producer Elia Kazanwho had directed Casey Jones. CobbMorris Carnovskyand Frances Farmer. Rehearsals were begun amidst growing tension in Europe, and the company, convinced that war would break out within weeks, resolved to open as quickly as they could.

The negative criticism of Thunder Rock largely focused on its call to intervention. John Anderson wrote, "The Group is playing spook-a-boo at the Mansfield theater.

Thunder Rock also won acclaim. Inin recognition of the play, Ardrey was awarded the first ever Sidney Howard Memorial Award for young playwrights. Marshall sent the script to then rising star Michael Redgravewho later wrote, "I thought it one of the most exciting plays I had ever read.


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  1. Indeed, Springsteen had begun the tour as a masscult figure; he was leaving it as a full-fledged pop hero — a voice of egalitarian conscience unlike any that rock had yielded before, with a.
  2. Braveheart Script @ MacBraveHeart Robert the Bruce (narrator): I shall tell you of William Wallace. Historians from England will say I am a liar, but history is written by those who have hanged heroes.
  3. Thunder Rock became a symbol of British resistance and was the most notable play of World War II. [3] [4] It was first produced in a little-known theater in South Kensington but was transferred, with secret funding from Her Majesty's Treasury, [5] to the Globe Theatre in London's West dahhhh.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfoal language: English.
  4. Then, again, if the declared purposes of an instrument are to govern the meaning of all its parts and details, as they clearly should, the constitution of our country is our warrant for the abolition of slavery in every state in the American Union. I mean, however, not to argue, but simply to state my views.
  5. The combination of various taxes and the lack of an American voice in Parliament gave rise to the famous phrase "taxation without representation" and led to conflict. In , the Treaty of Paris ended the war and recognized the sovereignty of the United States over the territory bounded by what is now Canada to the north, Florida to the south.

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