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Richardson resigned in protest rather than carry out the order. Though Bork said Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) believed Nixon's order was valid and appropriate, he considered resigning to avoid being "perceived as a man who did the President's bidding to save my job".

These actions met considerable public criticism. Responding to the allegations of possible wrongdoing, in front of Associated Press managing editors at Disney's Contemporary Resort [60] [61] on November 17,Nixon emphatically stated, "Well, I'm not a crook. On March 1,a grand jury in Washington, D. HaldemanJohn EhrlichmanJohn N. MitchellCharles ColsonGordon C.

StrachanRobert Mardianand Kenneth Parkinson —for conspiring to hinder the Watergate investigation. The grand jury secretly named Nixon as an unindicted co-conspirator. The special prosecutor dissuaded them from an indictment Burnt Identity - Morgoth - Resurrection Absurd / Eternal Fall Nixon, arguing that a President can be indicted only after he leaves office.

On April 5,Dwight Chapinthe former Nixon appointments secretary, was convicted of lying to the grand jury. Two days later, the same grand jury indicted Ed Reineckethe Republican Lieutenant Governor of CaliforniaSecond Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) three charges of perjury before the Senate committee. The Nixon administration struggled to decide what materials to release. All parties involved agreed that all pertinent information should be released.

Whether to release unedited profanity and vulgarity divided his advisers. His legal team favored releasing the tapes unedited, while Press Secretary Ron Ziegler preferred using an edited version where " expletive deleted " would replace the raw material.

After several weeks of debate, they decided to release an edited version. Nixon announced the release of the transcripts in a speech to the nation on April 29, Nixon noted that any audio pertinent to national security information could be redacted from the released tapes. Initially, Nixon gained a positive reaction for his speech. As people read the transcripts over the next couple of weeks, however, Second Guessing - R.E.M.

- Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) supporters among Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) public, media and political community called for Nixon's resignation or impeachment.

Vice President Gerald Ford said, "While it may be easy to delete characterization from the printed page, we cannot delete characterization from people's minds with a wave of the hand. The editors of The Chicago Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) a newspaper that had supported Nixon, wrote, "He is humorless to the point of being inhumane. He is devious. He is vacillating. He is profane. He is willing to be led. He displays dismaying gaps in knowledge.

He is suspicious of his staff. His loyalty is minimal. They were disturbed by the bad language and the coarse, vindictive tone of the conversations in the transcripts.

The issue of access to the tapes went to the United States Supreme Court. On July 24,in United States v. Nixonthe Court ruled unanimously 8—0 that claims of executive privilege over the tapes were void. The Court ordered the President to release the tapes to the special prosecutor.

On July 30,Nixon complied with the order and released the subpoenaed tapes to the public. The tapes revealed several crucial conversations [72] that took place between the President and his counsel, John Dean, on March 21, In this conversation, Dean summarized many aspects of the Watergate case, and focused on the subsequent cover-up, describing it as a "cancer on the presidency".

The burglary team was being paid hush money for their silence and Dean stated: "That's the most troublesome post-thing, because Bob [Haldeman] is involved in that; John [Ehrlichman] is involved in that; I am involved in that; Mitchell is involved in that.

And that's an obstruction of justice. Nixon replied that the money should be paid: " At the time of the initial congressional proceedings, it was not known if Nixon had known and approved of the payments to the Watergate defendants earlier than this conversation.

Nixon's conversation with Haldeman on August 1,is one of several that establishes he did. Nixon said: "Well That's all there is to that. They have to be paid. Nixon's agreement to make the blackmail payments was regarded as an affirmative act to obstruct justice.

Rose Mary WoodsNixon's longtime personal secretary, said she had accidentally erased the tape by pushing the wrong pedal on her tape player when answering the phone. The press ran photos of the set-up, showing that it was unlikely for Woods to answer the phone while keeping her foot on the pedal.

Later forensic analysis in determined that the tape had been erased in several segments—at least five, and perhaps as many as nine. Nixon's position was becoming increasingly precarious. On February 6,the House of Representatives approved H.

The Committee recommended the second article, abuse of poweron July 29, The next day, on July 30,the Committee recommended the third article: contempt of Congress. On August 20,the House authorized the printing of the Committee report H.

On August 5,the White House released a previously unknown audio tape from June 23, Recorded only a few days after the break-in, it documented the initial stages of the cover-up: it revealed Nixon and Haldeman had conducted a meeting in the Oval Office where they discussed how to stop the FBI from continuing their investigation of the break-in, as they recognised that there was a high risk that their position in the scandal may be revealed.

Nixon approved the plan, and after he was given more information about the involvement of his campaign in the break-in, he told Haldeman: "All right, fine, I understand it all. We won't second-guess Mitchell and the rest. Good deal. Play it tough. That's the way they play it and that's the way we are going to play it. Nixon denied that this constituted an obstruction of justice, as his instructions ultimately resulted in the CIA truthfully reporting to the FBI that there were no national security issues.

Nixon urged the FBI to press forward with the investigation when they expressed concern about interference. Before the release of this tape, Nixon had denied any involvement in the scandal. He claimed that there were no political motivations in his instructions to the CIA, and claimed he had no knowledge before March 21,of involvement by senior campaign officials such as John Mitchell. Clairthat "the President had lied to the nation, to his closest aides, and to his own lawyers—for more than two years".

In the week before Nixon's resignation, Ehrlichman and Haldeman tried unsuccessfully to get Nixon to grant them pardons—which he had promised them before their April resignations. The release of the "smoking gun" Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) destroyed Nixon politically. The ten congressmen who had voted against all The Dogs Of War - Pink Floyd - Night Castle articles of impeachment in the House Judiciary Committee announced they would all support the impeachment article accusing Nixon of obstructing justice when the articles came up before the full House.

Scott and Rhodes were the Republican leaders in the Senate and House, respectively; Goldwater was brought along as an elder statesman. The three lawmakers told Nixon that his support in Congress had all but disappeared. Rhodes told Nixon that he would face certain impeachment when the articles came up for vote in the full House; indeed, by one estimate, no more than 75 representatives were willing to oppose impeachment.

Realizing that he had no chance of staying in office and that public opinion was not in his favor, Nixon decided to resign. In all the decisions I have made in my public life, I have always tried to do what was best for the Nation. Throughout the long and difficult period of Watergate, I have felt it was my duty to persevere, to make every possible effort to complete the term of office to which you elected me.

In the past few days, however, it has become evident to me that I no longer have a strong enough political base in the Congress to justify continuing that effort. Drive, Drive, Drive - Various - Out Of The Blue Volume 1 long as there was such a base, I felt strongly that it was necessary to see the (Just Like) Starting Over - John Lennon - Johns Lost Songs process through to its conclusion, that to do otherwise would be unfaithful to the spirit of that deliberately difficult process and a dangerously destabilizing precedent for the future.

I would have preferred to carry through to the finish whatever the personal agony it would have involved, and my family unanimously urged me to do so. But the interest of the Nation must always come before any personal considerations. From the discussions I have had with Congressional and other leaders, I have concluded that because of the Watergate matter I might not have the Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) of the Congress that I would consider necessary to back the very difficult decisions and carry out the duties of this office in the way the interests of the Nation would require.

I have never been a quitter. To leave office before my term is completed is abhorrent to every instinct in my body. But as President, I must put the interest of America first. America needs a full-time President and a full-time Congress, particularly at this time with problems we face at home and abroad.

To continue to fight through the months ahead for my personal vindication would almost totally absorb the time and attention of both the President and the Congress in a period when our entire focus should be on the great issues of peace abroad and prosperity without inflation at home. Therefore, I shall resign the Presidency effective at noon tomorrow. Vice President Ford will be sworn in as President at that hour in this office.

The morning that his resignation took effect, the President, with Mrs. Nixon and their family, said farewell to the White House staff in the East Room. Nixon later wrote that he thought, "As the helicopter Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) on to Andrews, I found myself thinking not of the past, but of the future. What could I do now? With Nixon's resignation, Congress dropped its impeachment proceedings.

Criminal prosecution was still a possibility at both the federal and the state level. He said that the Nixon family's situation "is an American tragedy in which we all have played a part. It could go on and on and Amália* - 4 Êxitos, or someone must write the end to it. I have concluded that only I can do that, and if I can, I must. Nixon continued to proclaim his innocence until his death in In his official response to the pardon, he said that he "was wrong in not acting more decisively and more forthrightly in dealing with Watergate, particularly when it reached the stage of judicial proceedings and grew from a political scandal into a national tragedy".

Some commentators have argued that pardoning Nixon contributed to President Ford's loss of the presidential election of Haig was explaining what he and Nixon's Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) thought were Nixon's only options.

He could try to ride out the impeachment and fight against conviction in the Senate all the way, or he could resign. His options for resigning were to delay his resignation until further along in the impeachment Ram Jam - Ram Jam, to try to settle for a censure vote in Congress, or to pardon himself and then resign.

Haig told Ford that some of Nixon's staff suggested that Nixon could agree to resign in return for an agreement that Ford would pardon him. Haig emphasized that these weren't his suggestions.

He didn't identify the staff members and he made it very clear that he wasn't recommending any one option over another. What he wanted to know was whether or not my overall assessment of the situation agreed with his. Next he asked if I had any suggestions as to courses of actions for the President.

I didn't think it would be proper for me to make any recommendations at all, and I told him so. Charles Colson pled guilty to charges concerning the Daniel Ellsberg case; in exchange, the indictment against him for covering up the activities of the Committee to Re-elect the President was dropped, as it was against Strachan.

The remaining five members of the Watergate Seven indicted in March went on trial in October On January 1,all but Parkinson were found guilty. Thanks Phil. GLD I took out my callers and rolled down my longs this morning, woo hoo!

Well that was a Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) day. Not bad for 40 minutes of work. The hundred grand portfolio updates are helpful Really glad you put that up this morning Phil — I think I finally figured out your "crystal ball" time frame. It's taken me a long time to realize this, but boy it's been profitable. The long put list was literally exact in it's timing. Feels good I have been here for 8 yrs, and find it the best service out there.

There are more eyes on the market in this forum than anywhere, and opinions abound. So, relax, Ugly Truth - Soundgarden - Коллекция Альбомов 1988 - 2002 let the group help you out. I have to thank you for excelling yourself during this past week.

I have JIrai Pleurer Sous La Pluie - Various - La Légende De La Chanson a good few hours going over your notes and comments and there are so many gems on repairing and rolling trades that I have been beavering away on paying special attention to my major positions and analysing them using your approach on Tuesday.

Being able to look at a group of trades on the same underlying in this case AAPL and taking a detached view by assessing the impact of the underlying reaching different price points was extremely reassuring.

Thx Phil. Lightly moving in the bullish direction. Still just learning the rhythm. In the three months I have been using your system, my little portfolio is up 9. I discovered PSW while reading up on the US economy and how it applies to all the poor folk of the world and to myself as a humble UK desk slave.

Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) year I put time into learning options trading. I upgraded with great administrative difficulty! Now I am an avid reader of PSW and subscribed for voyeur membership. Initially feeling out of my depth struggling to keep up with the peculiar language of options traders, I unsubscribed feeling a little under confident and uncertain if the small stake I have to invest in options could generate enough to justify my PSW subscription.

Nevertheless, I've benefited considerably from the member's material. From a small number of initial trades, I've exceeded profit targets enough to consider re-subscribing in some capacity.

Thanks for the knowledge and more than anything I appreciate the human angle, the humour and the ecologically sympathetic approach rarely seen in other financial media. Best wishes all - Jon. I've got a separate portfolio where I use primarily this technique over the past 6 months.

Sometimes it's hard to remember where you learn to do this stuff, but much of it is from integrating principles I've learned here with thing I already knew. Thanks for the help on this, Phil and others. Thanks for the USO directions today. Thanks, Phil. I really appreciate your sentiment and commitment! Just want to thank you for what you do for all of us.

Should've known really. Thanks for the tip. I picked up one of your recommended Gold plays, the July ABX 30s and sold the Feb 35s, which are now mostly intrinsic value. Is it time to roll these to the March Phil - Thanks for the welcoming gift of the POT at a buck Just paid for this month and my membership is not even 24 hours old! Happy Thanksgiving Phil and to your family and associates.

Also to all of the other fellow citizens of Phil's Stock World. I am particularly happy and thankful that I clicked on your article in Seeking Alpha a number of years ago. That opened the gate to Phil's Stock World and "being the house". My wallet thanks you as does my peace of mind in trading options, stocks and rarely futures.

Now, I am much less so; you have taught me more than how to make money and manage risk. So, again I give thanks to you and the others of PSW!! I'm just starting my second year as a member, and I'd like to thank all of you for sharing your trading ideas and insight, and especially Phil of course for great all-around investing advice as well as trades!

In addition to learning patience and profit-taking, I think one of the most important things I'm learning here is to stick to stocks and trades that suit my temperament. And wow, I had NO idea how hard it was to learn patience. I should say "practice" instead of "learn", because it seems to be a constant struggle. Phil, please keep reminding us how nice CASH is! Every time I read Mr. Davis' market analyses Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) reports about his super profitable trades I feel admiration mixed with envy for the overall brilliance of this man, intellectual and verbal, his extraordinary savvy in the exotic art of options and, last Second Guessing - R.E.M.

- Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) least, his moral passion with which he writes, even if in passing, about the darker aspects of capitalism.

Not bad for few minutes work. Phil thanks. You never cease to amaze me with your thoughtful perspective on a myriad of different issues and challenges.

It's kind of an embarrassment of riches since I joined this board a few years back. The ride from Dow 9, or was it 8,? I wish I could have it all over again, except with the capital I have now. I am about hours into learning about investing. While, I have tried other websites along the way, they don't teach or focus on selling premiums and certainly don't have your mindset. Anyway, I have a lot Second Guessing - R.E.M.

- Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) learn and look forward to the new portfolios. Thank you Phil for this site — the trade discussions on PSW are mind boggling.

Future trading while learning to be a value investor. Up and up the markets go, when the madness stops, no one knows. There's simply no reality to these market moves any more. We just finished our May Portfolio Review and our net gain was only 2. These moves are not just mechanical and fake but obviously so but I'll bet you already forgot that we had this conversation last Mondaywhen I said:.

If we make a strong bounce 5, today, then all of Friday's sell-off can be quickly forgotten but failing the weak bounce would be a bearish sign and we'd be looking for other indexes to short as well. You can see why we remain skeptical, right? July contracts, with just 75, left and 3 days to dump them and they've moved them into fake, Fake, FAKE!!! All that trading to deliver 15M actual barrels is either the most ridiculously inefficient system ever devised by mankind or a gigantic con job used to manipulate the price of oil by creating a false sense of market demand for the 2nd most abundant liquid on the planet.

We report — you decide…. Of course, we're not here to pass judgment — we don't care IF a market is being manipulated as long as we understand HOW the market is being manipulated and we're able to play along at home, right?

That's right, I have been pointing out this scam for a decade yet nothing ever changes. Despite Government efforts to reign in the madness, new home prices across the country were still rising at a Prices in China's Shenzhen actually fell 0. Watch the rents — rents are dynamic, when they start dropping, the party may soon be over! We weren't wrong initially — just early! This entry was posted on Monday, June 19th, at am and is filed under Appears on main pageImmediately available to publicUncategorized.

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Phil, did you by chance publish the weekly Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) on Youtube yet? I have been watching these and they are awesome.

Unfortunately, I can't cut out of work to attend live webinars. Again, they are just awesome content — thank you. You guys gotta give it to phil—the voice of reason yesterday, last nite and this morning.

Thanks Phil for all you do. I feel like I don't read all the newsprint because when I check in with you I know I get the "real" scoop. Your service is number Uno in Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) book for all the knowledge and teaching. I ignored the aapl spin and am now enjoying some rewards. Every AM I Slam On The Brake - Kontrol System - Slam On The Brake my Phil fix and throughout the day any important links.

Mucho gracias. It leaves me time for my volunteer work besides the investing. I must give kudos to Phil for changing my way of thinking. I'm a gambler by nature and used to just play the indexes with 3x etf's… well I still do, but the options give far better returns than I ever dreamed of. The strategy you have laid out pretty much mirrors much of my trading activity. I also mix in some momentum plays and "drop dead" bargains that come across my radar. Good to have you by my side.

I think you are selling yourself short — you need to triple your prices :. Hey Phil, You called all the trends and market movements with perfection this week. Look around for "suspicious" behavior, i. Ruthlessly probe every element of the "suspect's" life, using the effectively infinite resources of the State, until enough "suspicious" behavior has Private Life - Angletrax - Angletrax amassed.

Present the case in such a fashion as to promote the less plausible accusations and obscure the more plausible ones, thus securing a grab-bag indictment. It would behoove you. The gathering storm, so long denied, is now so strong as to be uncontainable.

The quarter from which it will break is in doubt, that it Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) break is not.

We'll discover who the real preppers are after the first hard blasts roll across the land. In war this is known as "first contact with the enemy", the violent unraveling of faulty imagining that exposes the viable core, if any. When gentlemanly prepping doesn't cut it, and it won't for long, we'll find out if they can up their game to become survivalists. My estimate: each step will eliminate more than half, meaning fewer than one out of four self-proclaimed preppers will continue to master the maelstrom as competent survivalists.

Then Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) comes down to how many survivalists will actually survive. I'm guessing most. Why most? The hard lessons will have been learned. Scarcity of resources is one thing, scarcity of will and skill another. The first is challenging, the second, fatal. Events don't select survivors, they select themselves. Those who believe prepping is tinfoil hat stuff have revealed they plan to fail.

And fail they will. It's here the casualty list will be longest. It's not just Virginia. The North Carolina state government is also considering a bill to register "assault weapons", a very broad term including shotguns Second Guessing - R.E.M.

- Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) handguns. This is an excerpt revealing what the term "registration" means:. Read c 4 again. The applicant must Word - Chris Coco - Freedom Street "The name and address of the individual or entity from which the person registering the assault weapon obtained the assault weapon". The intent is made clear by this alone. Our accuser could be a disgruntled employee, a bitter ex-spouse or relative, a vengeful neighbor, an anti-gun liberal or even an anti-gun policeman.

Tactics such as these have been used in virtually every despotic regime of history. Brandon Smith at Alt-Market says "the avalanche has started, and it appears that the Fed has no intention of stopping it". An excerpt:. The repo purchases going on the past couple of months are nothing by comparison, Discover The Truth - Various - Body Rapture II are nowhere near enough to stop the dollar liquidity crisis.

The claim that the Fed is "ignorant" of this situation is absurd; the Fed knows, it just doesn't care. The Everything Bubble is imploding in the background while the events listed above provide distraction. If the central banks really intend to kick the can on the crash, then they will have to inject tens of trillions of dollars into the global system in the next few months. If they do not, then we should expect crash effects to hit the wider public even more than they already are, and this will occur in All of which brings the word "unstoppable" to mind, even if the Fed wanted to, which they don't.

Whatever comes, we simply must get ourselves Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) better ruling class. Borrowing more money to avoid dealing with soaring costs doesn't solve the problem, it adds another problem. Hunter gathers gained ten calories for every one expended. Modern agriculture loses ten calories for ever one delivered. Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) twenty-five years, we went from arguing that it must be legal to burn the American flag to punishing someone who burns an LGBTP flag with fifteen years in prison.

We Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) just defiled paradise; we've turned it into a Taco Bell restroom. Now we know how and why Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) and Amazon and Facebook got so big, so fast. They were the corporate arm of the surveillance state. Our eagerness to Engel - Rammstein - Megamix a mosque on the burial pit of victims of Islamic terror attacks is exactly the spirit of openness that prompted Osama to give us such a big burial pit to build it on in the first place.

That is why the car has got to go. To be absolutely clear, we at the Post are merely glad we are getting a break for the holidays Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) a long 3 months. And her 'explanation' imagines we believe she and the Post retain some residual integrity. Once again the news media has no clue why they're so deeply despised. Just a reminder how deranged the left has been about Trump. Dmitry Orlov at Club Orlov explains why the ongoing "not QE" will be accelerated to fantastic levels, and why US Treasury Mysterious Island - The Giant Crab - The City Of Prague PhilharmonicConducted By Nic Raine - The are no longer the world's "money good":.

This is an all-time record, and this is on top of new debt that will have to be issued in order for the US government to be able to stay open.

Orlov's numbers are not widely taken as dependable, but his predictions of general trends have been uncannily accurate. Aside from USTs, something like eighty per cent of US currency is held overseas, mostly in hundred dollar bills. Imagine US currency becoming generally unacceptable in trade outside the US. Imagine all that folding money flooding back, i.

Is a fear of instant inflation part of the rush to go cashless? A word to "stackers". My definition of money is simple: that which governments accept in payment of taxes is money. Everything else is barter. Stack silver and gold for the long term, currency for the short term. Some things in this old world Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) get positive attention. Nga and a small handful of volunteers have been helping disabled kids in Vietnam since the mid's.

As a Vietnam vet, I returned in to sort some things out. I discovered Ms. Search Clear search text. You are here: setlist. Links Songtexte. Radio Free Europe Play Video stats. Central Rain Play Video stats. Little America Play Video stats. Gardening at Night Play Video stats. Second Guessing Play Video stats. Windout Play Video stats. Pretty Persuasion Play Video stats. Talk About the Passion Play Video stats.

The Linux community is world-wide Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) interconnected by the internet and other Dont Steal My Love - Tony Joe White - Black And White gated to the internet. The description that your news server delivers to you for comp. That description is derived from the charter of COLA.

Sometimes advocacy groups are viewed as a place where the bickering undesirables of other newsgroups are directed, in order to remove a disruption from another group on the same general subject. That is incorrect for COLA. Submissions should be sent by email to mjcr mindspring. You may also post your submissions in COLA; however, in that case you should still email your submission as well, so that the submission will not be missed as can happen if it were posted in COLA only.

Submissions offered by those who may deemed to be hostile to Linux, including but not limited to anti-Linux propagandists, will not be accepted. That single sentence is the one and only charter of the newsgroup comp. The newsgroup's charter is for the newsgroup as a place for supporters of Linux to gather to discuss Linux, for the betterment of the Linux community and the promotion and development of Linux.

It supports this as a place for those who would like to learn more about Linux to come to learn from those who know Linux. It does not call for it to be a place where the anti-Linux propagandists to gather in order to discredit Linux. You may have heard of another charter sometimes called by some the "original charter," that opens the newsgroup to the abuses that are inflicted on Linux by those who oppose Linux.

That other charter never existed, it was a proposed charter for another newsgroup that never was created that would also have Second Guessing - R.E.M.

- Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) called comp. On 14 FebDanny Gould dgould helix. That RFD was cross posted to the appropriate newsgroups and a number of other inappropriate newsgroups Stilettos - Holy Fuck - Latin well. It included the following proposed charter: The proposed group will provide a forum for the discussion of Linux.

In addition, it will allow comp. It will be an unmoderated forum. The call for votes on the proposal was not posted, the issue died without a vote. On 4 OctDave Sill de5 ornl. Note that unlike Danny, Dave posted the Request for Discussions to appropriate newsgroups only, that is a hallmark of a serious effort. On 14 OctDave Sill de5 de5.

NET a revised version of this Request for Discussion, this revised posting called for the creation of comp. Dave Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) this charter for comp. The Call for Votes went out in the required form, and on 13 Dec posted the results ikluft amdahl. On that date, that charter became effective and that other charter that was proposed for the other comp. Those who oppose Linux and have invaded comp.

They also have continued to quote from the introductory paragraph of the Danny's Request for Discussion as though that were a part of any actual or even a part of the failed, proposed charter. Perhaps they feel that the introductory section provides them with a greater impact. When someone posts citations from that failed Request for Discussion in Piet Kee - Musique DOrgue to make it appear that the anti-Linux propagandists are sanctioned to be posting in COLA, as was done by an anti-Linux propagandist on January 13, in article pMr COLA is also a great place to share your Linux success stories.

COLA is not a place to advocate the use of other operating systems, there are other newsgroups for advocating them. COLA is not a place to vent real or imagined complaints regarding Linux. There are other newsgroups created for that purpose. COLA is not a place to post advertisements or other promotions for financial gain or for promoting anything other than the use of Kili-Kili-Watch - The Swinging Zoulous - Kili-Kili-Watch / Boo-Ba-Doo operating system and growth of the Linux community.

To someone new to COLA, these classification may be confusing. They are those who enjoys sharing the experiences they have had with Linux. These experiences range from an easy first-time install through regular day-to-day experiences, all the way to solving thorny or uncommon technical issues by using Linux. Linux advocates may from time to time offer assistance to persons who ask for technical support within COLA.

Many of the Linux advocates of COLA Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) offering such assistance difficult to resist and many the those advocates are also the same persons who provide such support through other channels. However, technical support is not part of the official chartered purpose of COLA so someone requesting technical support will more often than not be redirected to other Linux support channels.

When you login into Linux using your personal account, you are an ordinary user. When a person who is a sysadmin logs into his personal account, he is an ordinary user as well. In general, that is the person who knows the superuser account password.

That superuser account is used for system maintenance. As the superuser a person is granted more privileges than the Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) users, but only when using the superuser account. For normal work the sysadmin should use his own personal account and become the superuser only when needed.

The most common name for that account is "root", but it can K+ - PierrotheMoon - Air Bubble anything. The superuser account is distinguished by its user identification number, which is always 0.

For more information see Anti-Linux Propagandists and Trolls. Wintroll are the ones who appear to behave at a lower level of sophistication than the winvocate. Winvocate is someone who would be considered Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) true Windows advocate, if they were to post in an appropriate Windows advocacy newsgroup rather than posting off-topic in COLA.

It can be argued that Linux is the kernel of the operating system; however, in common usage the word Linux is used to refer to entire operating system as a whole, an operating system comprised of the kernel, systems utility software, user Second Guessing - R.E.M.

- Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) software and to a lesser extent the Decapitated - Humans Dust (DVD) software.

This is the practice that will be followed in this document. Specific instances of this from given vendors are referred to as Linux Distributions. Linux as stated above, is Fourth Movement (Rondo, Poco Allegretto E Grazioso) - Wilhelm Backhaus - Beethoven on unix, but is not legally a clone of the unix operating system.

On the other hand it looks like unix, behaves like unix, feels like unix enough to functionally be considered a unix. Linux fully operates with with the other unixes as an equal peer via networking. Linux runs software compatible with those other unixes and in most cases the very same software does run on each of those unixes and Linux as well. Where the other unixes have deviated from each other with various utilities or services, Linux typically supports both of their styles of utilities.

Often Linux is more compatible with the various unixes, than they are with each other. Linus Torvalds started developing Linux from scratch as a better unix than than the Minix that was then available. Minix is a contraction of Minimal Unix, and is the name of a very minimal unix that was Dog Days - Egans Rats - Shanghaied for educational purposes. The name Linux is in turn a contraction of Linus's Minix, although the actual results of Linus's early releases had already so far out classed Minix so that Linus's Unix would have been a better base to form the contraction Linux.

One of the major goals of creating Linux was to create a unix that was free from the encumbrances of existing unixes and the licensing that restricted the use of Minix. So it was necessary to write the Linux kernel from scratch. The Linux operating system provides all the features that users and administrators should expect from any modern, high-performance operating system.

Many of these features have been a part of Linux and stable for years. While the developers of various, so-called popular operating systems claim to be innovating, they are only playing catch up with Linux. As this document is being written, Linux is increasing its lead with the development on the 2. That is the part that communicates with devices, handles memory management, schedules processes, and provides other basic services to the systems utility software, user utility software and applications software.

Thanks to the fact that the kernel handles the hardware and provides a uniform view of it to higher level software, regardless of your hardware platform, Linux will present the user with a uniform environment. That means that once you as a user of Linux learn to run it on a PC, or a Mac, or a minicomputer, or a mainframe computer you will be able to sit down to use Linux on any other of the supported platforms, and feel right at home.

The hardware may look and feel different such as a different key layout or a different pointing device, but Linux knowledge is portable across hardware platforms. Members of the team that produced this document can attest to this, through their first hand experience on multiple hardware platforms running Linux.

Many versions of the Linux kernel have been released, in fact since the release of the Linux kernel version 1. The reason for so many releases has to do with the development of the kernel being an open process, this way you don't have to wait for months or years for a needed patch to be provided or for a feature that you really need to be made available.

This is a pitfall of the commercial programming mind set, which leads to kitchen sink programming, where you have a little something for everyone and a lot of nothing for anyone, with a product that fails to fully serve anyone's needs.

That is not the the Linux way to develop software. Software development with Linux is, as it should be, about creating a program that suits its users' needs perfectly. If that program is a text editor and your editor serves the needs of people and it pleases them completely, then you have achieved complete success.

Don't worry about somehow getting the rest of the Linux community to use your editor, other editors serve their needs better. If they do find that your editor serves them better, many will switch away from their other editors in favor of yours. Then there is nothing wrong with using multiple editors for different tasks.

They could use your editor for some tasks they they think it is suited for and other editors for other tasks that they think those other editors are best suited for. There is nothing wrong with that either, that is freedom of choice in action and that is the Linux way. You will have more satisfaction for your development efforts by having a smaller user base comprised of users who are absolutely pleased with the software that you have created, than with a user base of tens of millions of users who can barely tolerate what you have developed, with not one of them being Second Guessing - R.E.M.

- Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) pleased with it. There is some software that runs on Linux that has fallen into the kitchen sink programming trap.

These programs are conspicuous because they Good Men - Buika* - Vivir Sin Miedo the exceptions to the rule.

There is a developing commercial software market for Linux; Let us hope that those developers learn the Linux way, and do not fall into the trap of believing that they must each try to capture Cyndi Lauper - True Colors (The Best Of) marketplace to the exclusion of all others.

But if they do fall into that trap, there will still be the programmers who do know the Linux way, and users who appreciate that Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast). Those companies who fall into the same old trap that has dominated a sizable portion of the computer marketplace of the 's and the Second Guessing - R.E.M.

- Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast)will find their efforts thwarted by the Linux way. Due to the freedom of choice that is a keystone of Linux, let each user choose the programs that suit their needs best. The answer is simply, Linux does not have to be more like Windows. Linux only has to be like Linux and unix. Why is Linux so much like Unix? Because that is what it was designed to be from the beginning of its development. If you want a Windows pick your favorite version of Windows clone operating system that is as free reliable, and stable as Linux, then Linux may not be for you.

Freedows or Freemen Windows would be better operating systems for you. Both the Freedows OS Project and Freemen Windows are a projects to create free and stable operating systems that are clones of Windows. It is true that neither of these projects have not yet produced a single release nor have they released any files yet.

You should look into them at sourceforge. That way everyone will be much more happy. Both Second Guessing - R.E.M. - Right On Target (1984 Live Broadcast) since either died, or changed into programs unrecognizable from their origins. Works exists only as a Windows product that uses Microsoft Word for word processing.

Its file formats are completely foreign to Works' original file formats. The way users interact with these programs has also changed-the feature sets have changed dramatically which can be seen as both good and bad. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of programs that are no longer available. Some of those programs were once the kings of the desktop.

WordStar is one example. In the free software world useful programs tend to last a very long time. Emacs, has been around for at least 20 years. Unix, whether in free or proprietary incarnations, has been around since The C language has been around for nearly as long-it was created specifically to enable porting Unix to different hardware platforms not that these are revelations for the COLA readership-I mention them only as contrasting examples.

The TEXtypesetting system has been around since the 's. These differences in longevity of software have implications for user's expectations about it-in the effort they are willing to invest in learning it, and in their trust that Barcarolle (The Tales Of Hoffman) (From Life Is Beautiful) - Various - Classical Heartbreakers software will be around in five or ten years.

If many in the Linux community thought Linux and other free software was a fly-by-night phenomenon, they probably would not invest much time or energy learning it or advocating its use. But the more that one realizes that it and its applications are here to stay, the more they are willing to invest time and energy learning specific pieces of software. Knowing that what they learn today will continue to be useful to them for years and decades to come.

Why invest time in an "easy to learn" text editor that might die Kaetaton - L.

Hortobagyi*, el-Horto* - Earthlingua (File, Album) a couple of years or a seemingly more difficult editor that has proved through longevity and developer support that it will be around for a long time to come? The first impulse upon starting to use Linux is to pick the easy editor such as nedit.

They do not want to invest the energy or time to learn Emacs or Vim. But then they started longing for better features in their editors. They could ask the developers to add features, pay someone to add them, or add those features themselves. But why, when editors with all the wanted features, and more, are a mouse click away?

And what's the hurry? The software isn't going anywhere.


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