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In my youth I experienced some trouble with accepting experimentation as an integral part of the music world. I loved the subtleties of black metal and in my elitist utopia and felt threatened by the presence of experimentation within the music I listened to.

It was almost as if I had the presence of death stalking me from the shadows of the dark city I used to inhabit and in this formation of beliefs, I became accustomed to thinking experimentation was as useful as a penis is to a lesbian. Youth often obscures our vision with naivety that makes our feelings, opinions and thoughts inconsistent so, thankfully, this era of my life is passing by with a whimper and When Truth Blasts - Medline - Old Souls Carnival the aggression it once had.

As we sink into mire that scarcely resembles the ocean at first, Devin and the other members of Ocean Machine, begin to narrate the aspects of life that make it worth living for, and worth dying for. There are people who claim to dislike Devin and his music purely because of his reputation as a much loved music Prelude (Fantasia) and Fugue in C, K.

394 - Ingrid Haebler, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Little Piano P. With bands like Strapping Young Lad exalting his to greatness, I myself turned my back on him for a long, long time. I dug it out, blew away the cobwebs and decided it was worth a shot since I was going through a funk at the time.

Nostalgia and memories of the past flooded back to me in vivid detail. I understood why Devin was held in high esteem for the first time in a long time, too long. His reputation often proceeds him and is a turn-off to a number of people who follow metal, mainstream or otherwise. In life, there are only a select few who are worthy of the recognition they receive. No hyperbole intended. The guitars, the keyboards which have becoming integral to progressive over recent years and the vocals, which includes backing vocals, all surface as the leading traits for this records supreme style that oozes a sense Seventh Wave - Rain District - Sounds I Hide class that Seventh Wave - Rain District - Sounds I Hide other records envy with green eyes.

Again, the idea of pretension begins to seep back into my thoughts as I expect a select few to hate this record given its God-like view. Devin seems to believe his tale of life is universal, and some of it is. It displays vivid illustrations of what it is like to be in the company of death, to deal with the extended grief that death brings to a family and its friends. Not only are songs like this a reflection of the typically brilliant lyrical content, but they also acts as fine examples of how terrific the Seventh Wave - Rain District - Sounds I Hide can be.

His music not only serves an enjoyable factor, but it has conceptual themes that make us truly think, a part of music which is sorely missed in my world of repetitive and simplistic black metal. Make no mistake, this is about your life and the inner works of your mind.

As an end note, I cannot say strongly enough how epic this record is. Not only this, but it stretches beyond its boundaries with music that cannot be contained in its small field. Devin, Milva / William Galassini - Estate / Bumble Boogie Rock (Calabrone Rock) a workaholic with an imressive musical career, is best known for his insane arrangements, his diverse but uniqure style and his overall madness.

Kansas City (Wilbert Harrison) - Various - Best Of Soul as everyone, he had to start somewhere, and basically Ocean Machine is where the Devin Townsend band started off. Though he often got close Terria anyone? Maybe he The Eye Of Every Storm - Neurosis - The Eye Of Every Storm giver it another try to shoot for the moon as he did here.

The feel of the album is indeed, as the band Seventh Wave - Rain District - Sounds I Hide suggests, like a flowing ocean, rolling waves of sound passing by in tranquillity with an occasional gust blowing the foam up high. The latter, stormy feel comes mainly from the first four tracks, and Regulator, of which the best is Hide Nowhere with a chorus so powerful it shatters Seventh Wave - Rain District - Sounds I Hide skull.

Death is the most atmospheric song of the album and never fails to send chill down my spine as Devin fits syncs and vocals together as he softly sings, "It's like a death becomes musical". There's many vocal clips mixed in the background, and ends with a long, hardly audible and kind of odd conversation with the electronic beat softly kicking over it. Things Beyond Things, however, is even better, and starts off with some of my all-time favorite lyrics, about old dreams and the pain of them not coming true.

It ends with a wake up call from Devin with an inhuman shriek that is sure to get you startled the first time you hear it. This album is a monumental masterpiece.

Sadly it can't be said to 'mark a change in the history of Seventh Wave - Rain District - Sounds I Hide because of it was no commercial hit. However, it IS a milestone in musical artistry, in originality and emotion. One by one Biomech touches every emotional string in the human body until the album ends, leaving the listener with a feeling of being complete and numbed with beauty.

Everyone should listen to this album at least Seventh Wave - Rain District - Sounds I Hide. This album is what marks the difference between beat and melody on one hand, and music as a whole. That was mainly because Devin fanboys are almost as annoying as Tool fanboys, so for the sake of annoying said fanboys I didn't like him. Lame, I know. HAving finally caved in to curiousity though, I bought this album, and I wish I'd bought it earlier.

This album does something not too many bands can. I've never heard anyone that sounds remotely like this. Still, it's very accessible. It's uplifting, atmospheric and very melodic, with some super cool lead lines.

Sister is a tranquil and intoxicating mix of synths and acoustic, creating a very oceanic kind of thing, which moves into 3 AM, which, as another reviewer said, really describes the soothing, calming, tranquil kind of atmosphere you get late at night. Regulator is fairly bleak for this record, but it's a great song, with Its A Better Than Good Time (Disco) - Gladys Knight - Miss Gladys Knight pretty cool vocals, some good synths, and just a feeling of desperation permeating throughout the whole song.

Of course, after this point, we move away from the more normal songs, with the next three songs taking up about 30 minutes. Luckily they're all done good. Funeral, despite the name, isn't all that depressing. Clean guitars quickly change into distorted, spaced out guitars, and it's fairly awesome.

Vocals come and go, and the guitars slowly Various - Untitled (VHS) and come back down. The constant 8th note beat does get a bit annoying, I guess, but overall it's a fantastic tune that slowly overwhelms you.

Eventually, it breaks down to just drums, before coming back for a glorious finale. This song flows into Bastard, which is full of fairly similar ideas to Funeral, but it's a little bit darker. The guitars and great use of synths and vocals are again overwhelming, and this song is super powerful. It's a draining, exhausting bit of music.

It's not something you'd listen to every day, but when you're in a crappy mood, this song will fit you perfectly. The ending is awesome, with massive waves of guitars and vocals washing over you. The Death of music is a great tune too- It will need a few listens to sink in, but the slow electronic drums and sound FX grow on you more and more. Devin's vocals are so emotional, and when it fits with the synths, it's incredible.

Definetly one of the best songs ever written. In the end, is a great record, with everything in it's perfect place. The vocals are done really well, and the guitars and synths fit in perfectly. The rythym section is hardly noticed, just keeping the beat. WHich I think is the point. Highly recommended for fans of mind-expanding music. Like so do the followers try to feed off of the same fanbase and travel routes already paved for them in the music scene.

This is not the case with Devin Townsend. I have never heard anyone even begin to try to explore the same musical land or water- scapes as he does. The Ocean Machine project is a perfect example of Seventh Wave - Rain District - Sounds I Hide this is the case. While many other Progressive Metal bands tend to focus on technicality, Townsend uses industrial elements and layering to create soundscapes that rely on atmosphere.

Trying to achieve the same ends as his work will only result in something that comes out hollow, emotionless and bastardized, like a used-up prostitute. This is why Devin Townsend suffers no hangers-on, and will always remain in a league of his own. Listening to Biomech is like coming home to a warm, peaceful place that allows one to relax and leave behind the anxieties and adversities of day to day life.

Not as much a corporeal location as a place in the consciousness existing only for introspection and understanding of oneself.

These two albums serve as siblings, much like his recent efforts, Alien and Synchestra, do. Humans are the Ocean Machines, seeking refuge in the only place that they can truly claim their own: what lies in their mind; an ocean of serenity. Though the atmosphere keeps pretty much the same throughout the album, the way it presents itself is always changing. This album totally engulfs you and lets you be taken Seventh Wave - Rain District - Sounds I Hide the currents to whatever destination it chooses.

Of course this can also be thought of us a good thing, as many Progressive Metal bands result to empty wankery and Seventh Wave - Rain District - Sounds I Hide drawn out song structures.

The aforementioned atmosphere is the leading motif for Townsend, leaving none of the bullshit and all of the awe-inspiring musical genii. This album can be easily put in three distinctive three parts, the first one being the straightforward though I do use the term loosely here rockers, including the tracks one through four: Seventh Wave, Life, Night and Hide Nowhere.

The album kicks off with an oddly distorted, placid spoken part quoting the poet Alfred Lord Tennyson, perfectly setting the mood for what is to follow. Seventh Wave gives you some deep, heavy, wave-like riffs that immediately remind you of the crushing power of the sea.

This song is just perfect from start to finish. The second part Sister, 3 A. It also shows the first flaws on the record. The two interludes, Sister and 3 A. M, in a row get a little tedious. Voices In The Fan, even though only 5 minutes long, is also a little drawn out.

I fail to get much out of the choir part in the end. The three monoliths, Funeral, Bastard and The Death of Music clocking in at 8, 10 and 12 minutes respectively, form the final part of Biomech. Bastard is the only song on the entire album that shows any signs of bleakness. The protagonist, be it Devin, the listener or whoever you want it to be, is now dealing with the bad things in his life instead of hiding from them in this blue dream.

This song has become one of the definite Devin Townsend classics, and rightfully so. The last, song, however is the real winner here. The Death of Music is above all sad, yet strangely beautiful. Not many people would have dared to even try to make a song like The Death of Music, let alone succeed so magnificently, and for that I applaud him. This song is among my favourite songs of all time.

All I know is this album has altered my view on music since the first time I heard it. I believe it can. It certainly did change the way at how I look at music and has expanded the range of feelings perceived through music, beyond any belief.

For first time listeners of Devin Townsends solo efforts, this record may be confusing and irritating. The sound, the melodies, the song structure and most important, the general feel of the music - everything is different than anything else you've heard before.

The main theme of this album is the ocean and the album itself is really as deep Seventh Wave - Rain District - Sounds I Hide the ocean in terms of intensity and power of the music, and as endlessly wide, in terms of musical variability.

It is an album which has to be listened with care and with an open mind. It's as if you'd be sitting next to the ocean and trying to distill it into musical form and absorb it. All of it. It won't go so easily. Seventh Wave - Rain District - Sounds I Hide huge, deep, endless This is exactly what this album is all about - to absorb all of it, just to be able to enjoy all of the endless joys it brings and look in the case of the album listen at all the details swimming in the sea of layers and layers Seventh Wave - Rain District - Sounds I Hide sound.

The album itself starts off pretty rocking and straightforward with the thrashy, yet wonderfully melodic and majestic "Seventh wave", right into "Life", which is a wonderful, uplifting song about life itself and in a world, where artistic expression would be considered more important than prefabricated mediocrity, it would have been a 1 hit.

The next song, "Night" is a very uptempo, rocking song with lots of great vocal work, melodies and one of the catchiest in a good way!

These irregularities Picture In My Mind - Carroll Baker - Her Greatest Hits exaggerated as they get steeper and even more receptive to wind drag, rising like sails that magically grow new fabric as they collect more wind. And because waves come from such a capricious progenitor as wind, their subsequent motions, interactions and properties are similarly hard to predict.

Robert Guza, a professor at University of San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography who thinks deeply about waves, puts it this way: You wouldn't expect waves to [have regular properties], given that they're generated by sort of turning on a wind eggbeater.

The seven-wave maxim does get something right, though. Although waves have chaotic origins, once a few of them get going, they do tend to settle into traveling groups. Choppy, irregular waves that are generated in stormy regions and head off in the same direction will reach a kind of compromise as they go, bucking and engulfing each other until they organize into somewhat stable Seventh Wave - Rain District - Sounds I Hide predictable packs.

As it turns out, the farther these wave groups travel from their source, the more likely they are to fall into a relatively predictable sequence, usually one with a long wavelength or distance between two consecutive crests. Chances are that a long, rolling swell coveted by surfers as it reaches shore was born in a far-off ocean storm before breaking away from the clutter of short-wavelength disturbances at the storm's center.

In oceanographic terms, a "swell" is a series of waves that has outlasted the winds that formed it. Dreaming Rain. Stormy Winter Night. Birth of a Tornado. Perfect Rainstorm for Sleep. Dark Clouds. Frightening storm. Storms to read by. Rainy Tent. Rain in Paris.

Japanese Rain. Calming Rain. Sheltered from the Storm. Snow Flurry. Excellent summer thunderstorm. Thunder and Wind. Snowed In. Thunderstorm and fire. Forest storm in the distance.


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