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Leonpn ihi religious school will ,',11' its registration on Sunday. Liberal Judaism and the Bible, under the chairmanship of Mrs. In cooperation Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 the newly- Iformed Jewish Centers Associa- : Greater Miami, a full- ogram for teen-agers and Jjciunc adults wil initiated within lli few weeks.

The sister- I e leadership of Mrs. R bbirts, will begin its a membership tea on? Norman Has. Ear membership [plan which covers all activities land ongregation. Whilehead, conference di- ll pants will be Dr. Glenn J Habbi Max Shapiro and representative. Williams will serve as 1 Albert Comanor, assistant exe- cutive director of United Service for New Americans, has been named executive director of the Jewish Social Service Bureau of Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3it was announced this week.

Personally Speaking Max Pepper have returned from their vacation in Hendersonville, N. Solomon, 51st St. Irving Solomon and family have moved into! Nw travehng across the country, Mr.

Leo Stcrch I of Brooklyn, N. Max Storch, S. Rabbi Alexander S. Gross, principal and director of the I school, revealed that the student body represents Miami. This semester the academy has included an additional made a seventh grade of Hebrew and English studies, as well as special groups for children of kinder- garten age.

The academy will expand its regular course of English study lor the following term to include a course in home economics for mils and a course in manual train.

The staff of the English de- partment is composed of instruc- tors accredited by the Board of Public Instruction of Dade County and the State of Florida, and the Hebrew department consists of a staff of experienced men in the field of Jewish education.

September 8. Harold Robin, N. Weintraub Named Mrs, Sydney L. The bride-elect, daughter of Mr. Samuel Kaplan. Miami Beach, and Long Beach, L. Her fiance, the son of Mr. Northeast M i Complete The Cycle - Various - A Gathering Of Styles Part 04 (File) ami Woman's Club, N. E, 58th St.

September 17, at 2 p. Relatives and friends III. Lent - Satie* - Ciccolini* - Œuvres Pour Piano / Piano Works / Klavierwerke invited to attend. Classes will oe- ; "in September Hebrew school enrollment will ; take place Monday and Tuesday. September 18 and 19, from 3 to p. Further information about the schools may be obtained by call. Ji r in 1 Ugly Truth - Soundgarden - Коллекция Альбомов 1988 - 2002 G rdon at There is no tuition in either d 01 Sunday.

There is, h a Hi 1. He had recentlj Intermenl took i place in Mi. She also leaves her father. I'avc franklin, and a sister, Mrs. Anne Ja I remains were sent to Itirmingham. She leaves her hus- band. Basher, and children. Raymond, I'hlllp and Mary. Tonkin lame here eight years ago from Itotson where the body wiyi s.

He leaves hia wife, Beaotta. Israel this winter. And Simon Stern will makenot grow them. For last month. Simon Stern, artificial flower maker with an artificial hand, went to Israel. Behind the story of Simon Stern, a peace-loving man with a gentle trade, is a bloodv and ital history of pain and per- secution.

Today, thanks to the :nce of American Jewry through the Joint Distribution C mmittee, a hopeful, useful Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 awaits him in the growing J wish State Born 35 years ago in the little town of Boesing.

Stern was one of a large and scattered familya family whose traces hardly exist today. When he finished school, young Simon went into his father's textile busi- ness, but soon left it to own artificial-flower shop in Bratislava, the capital of Slo- vakia. The business blossomed And I Love Her - The Beatles - A Hard Days Night, and Stern looked forward to a comfortable life.

But the iron heel of Nazi armies crushed that hope. In Stern planned to escape German-occupied Czecho- slovakia for Israel. But his dreams were upset one day when his father, severely beaten by Nazi troops, died, leaving young Simon to care for a family of eight children. A year later, his busi- ness was taken from him. From then on. Sti rn's I Mae - Destination: Beautiful be- came a tenuous un strug- gle for existence.

But what haven Hungary of- fered was short-lived. His sentence was "commuted. For two davs. Stern and his fellow prisoners walked, carrying all their belongings, almost miles to Germany. Stern was sent to Buchenwald. In January. Stern mental- ly prepared himself for death. Weighing less Dandy Shandy (RHP Remix) - Roots High Power Sound System - More Fyah!

The Remix CD Vol. 2 90 pounds, he was barelv able to drag himself to workand inability to work meant the gas chambers. Aware of this, Nazi guards sadistically assigned Stern to tne most diffi- cult task, Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 aailroad tracks.

Unable even to attempt such labor. Stern protested to the Ger- man overseer. The answer: two Iver shots, and Stern col- id, his left arm shattered. Stern found that his hand had been amputated and that he was "under arrest for Ige. Two months later. Simon Stern was home in Bratislava. His shop. Continued on Page 9 This is how artificial flowers bloom: Simon Stern. Rudy R. Samuel J. August and Family S. Nathan Alexander and Family N.

George Balber and Family S. Saul Brett and Son. Miles S. Morris Alpert and Family N. Apfelbaum and Son. Walter S. Ben Baskin Son, Alan and Daughter. Bonnie Lou S. Herman J. Ehrens and Family S. George M. Buch and Daughters S. Jack Apte and Family S. Oscar Argintar and Family 74 S. Samuel Aronstein and Children. Frank Becker and Son. Henry Bulbin and Family S. Meyer Forer and Children. Henry, Minna and Joseph S. Charles Belandff and Family S.

Albert Berson and Son. Johnnie S. William N. Berson and Daughter. Susan Laike S. Jules P. Arthur M. Chasan and Family N. Harry Elson and Family S. Victor A. Gerson August S. Harry August and Children. Elaine and Arnold S. Joseph Block and Family S. Isidor Cohen and Family S. Frank Coret S. Herbert Feinberg S. Yetta Geier. Florence and Blossom N. Saul Rose and Daughter. Ellen Gale Monica. Irving Genet and Family S. Louis August and Family S.

Nat Blumberg S. Sadie Diamond and Family S. Milton Dreyfus and Son. Herbert Feldan Daughter. Rachel and Son, Albert S. Louis Feldman and Son. Joseph M. Fine N. Samuel Getwj S. Irving, Mi. Walter A. Louis F. This in- terest was present almost from the fnst and continued during the two past centuries.

It is intriguing that a so-called Jewish theme, The Merchant of Venice, was the first play to be produced on the American stage as early as Henry W.

Longfellow wrote but never produced a Chanuka play under the title "Judas Maccabeas. These Jewish dramatists were fully aware that a persistent hostility was directed against the theater in American Clerical circles. Even the First American Continental Congress yielded to that agitation when it discounten- anced on October 24, "gam- ing, cock fighting, exhibition of shows, plays and other expensive diversions.

President Dwight of Yale College stormed in New Haven that to "indulge a taste of playgoing meant nothing more nor less than the loss of one's immortal soul. Advertise- ments in current New York newspapers by theatrical produc- ers announced that no spectators would be permitted to visit back- stage. On the other hand a more pleas- ing picture is afforded by Mor- decai M. Noah in a Letter of Theatrical Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3.

Noah defended the theater and ex- expressed the satisfaction which he derived from witnessing good plays. Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 the show he used to go home and early to bed, thus avoiding Philadelphia night-life. America's early literary personalities like Benjamin Franklin, Hawthorne,- James Fenimore Cooper, did not turn to the drama as a major outlet for their artistic self-expression.

Despite all this, the handful of Jewish dramatists and actors were not deterred from dedicating themselves quite seriously to the American theater. It may be that they reacted to a Jewish "tradi- tion" of play writing and playact- ing which on a primitive level went back to Talmudic days.

This very early Jewish interest in so- called Jewish drama reasserted itself in Western Europe during the early part of the Nineteenth Century. Ameri- can Jewish playwrights launched their dramatic careers in the American theater. Mordecai M. Noah served as president of New York's orthodox Jewish congregation and was im- mersed in Jewish cultural and political problems.

Harby was the Continued on Page 10 Simon Stern's Flowers Continued from Page 8 ruined and pillaged, stood like the Redd Kross - Get Out Of Myself shell of a memory. The few remains of his family were flung far across the corners of Europe. But conscientiously. Stern be- I gan to rebuild, and within four years, his artificial-flower shop I was a going affair.

Married and hopeful, Stern looked forward to the comfort and prosperity that might brighten some of the shadows of the past. Inhow- ever, Czech businesses were The Prophet - Michael Card - An Invitation To Awe tionalized, and Stern, forced to close his shop, became "economi- : cally displaced.

Stern decided to go to Israel. In Vienna, his first stop on the "road to deliverance. Stern needed money. Unable to con- tinue his trip to Israel because of his disability, he required a better artificial hand and new tools for his artificial-flower production.

And like almost every Jewish refugee, Stein's first thought was the Joint Distribution Committee simply "American Joint" to thousands throughout Europe which has aided more than 90 per cent of the more thanJews who have emigrated so far to Israel since the establishment of the new state. Stern's request for both the prostethic device and the ma- chinery to continue his vocation were carefully studied by JDC's Vienna staff. Their decision was not only to provide the Czecho- slovakian Jewish refugee with new tools, but with a special ma- chine that would permit him to work with one hand.

The new specially constructed "clicking press" is designed to cut flower patterns into raw materials. The same machine is cutting out for Simon Stern the economicallv and morally independent life that has been denied him for years. There, after a decade of war and persecution, he hopes to build a new lifemaking flowers without fragrance, but sweet nevertheless. Ben Zion Gincburg and. Murray Goldberg and Family S. Goldman and Family S. Charles Goldstein and Family S. Harry Hacker and Family S.

Louis Jacobckind and Son. Paul N. Max Jacobskind and Family S. Emanuel Gordon and Family N. Louis Gordon S. George A. Graham and Sons S. Ralph Krieger N. Isidore Langner and Family S. Frank S. Harry I. David E. Newman and Son. Bob S. Edward Newman and Mrs. Fred Ochs and Daughter, Jeanette S. Oscar C. Simon Kahn and Family 50 N. Harry Greenberg and Family S.

Abraham Kasow Doris and Harvey S. Irwin H. Makorsky Donna. Louis Margulies S. Harry Oliphant and Son, Elmer N. Ida Optner S. Harry Orlin and Family S. Ely Levin and Sol Levin N. Samuel M. Grundwerg and Sons. Joseph A. Leo M. Levin and Daughters. Hazel and Daniel S. Harry Pearl S. Jacob Lifset S. Stanley C. Myers and Family S. Morris Pepper and Family S.

Earl Pertnoy and Children. Harold Pont and Son S. J wrote in English on An I ; and Ameri- can audien These Jewish pionei rs of the early Ame ican theater were ng the prime movers in the to introduce on the stage native American drama, native material native actors, everyone of them were themselves Ameri- can-born, which may account for their enthusiasm for "native drama. These were 1 The; 11 I lemand, wil M. Noah, wl most personalil : 11 : : avyset Mian, with a large face and' bushy eyebrows, wh killed his man in a duel and battled for the prestige of his country in faraway, exotic North.

In his old age he remin- isced that he had "a hankering for the national drama, a kind of juvenile patriotism. Noah, however, had also hib Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 "These plays.

Thi e the plays a tion timi. Isaac Harby remained a schoolmaster iand journalist, as did also his brother Washington Harby. Mor- decai M Noah himself was en- gaged in a variety of activities: Consul to Tunis.

Sheriff of New- York County. Collector of the Port of New York, and editor of ihalf a dozen New York news- i papers at one time or another. Nevertheless, even Bobby Crush - Honky Tonk Favourites was not spared the accusation of hav- ing sold out his "garbage drama", for Gold.

Just how ridiculous as i well as intemperate this charge i uas. Is attended by the fol. The Siege o'' 11 ipoli, was pei foi med, a con- ttion burnt down the thi ater, i turned over his share of the box office receipts 10 thr actors who were left with For a reason which has never been revealed a bitter feud sud- denly broke out between the two most spectacular Jewish drama- tists of the day, Mordecai M.

Noah and his cousin. Samuel B. Judah, who was himself no mean play- wright and had to his credit a number of historical plays which had been successfully produced. In a pamphlet which went under the title. Gotham Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 the Gothamites, Mr. Judah censured New York Society and particular- ly its theater in I ether lay And swear, though damned it i a play For brainless rogu. Noah s dramatic writings as "in sipid garbage will, which hi saturates the public yearly" There is no record ilable In tell us what action if any Mr Noah personally took against V Judah.

But the mass attack against New York's elite stirred up widespread wrath against Mr Judah. His pamphlet was con' fiscated, and he was sent to prison: but was shortly dis charged owing to ill health. Howi ever, it is an interesting fact that he eventually became a prominent lawyer, was admitted to practice at the New York Supreme Court and continued to write for the theater with considerable success Actually, one must concede, he wrote in the same literary style which he deprecated a i vi hement- in Mr.

Noah's writings. Henry Rabin and Family 21S6 N. Rabinowiiz and Family S. Max Rappaport S. Romantic Guy - Raymond May - Unadulterated Addiction and Family S.

Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 3nri Street Mi. Frances N. Robert I. Schwartz and Family S. Arthur Stone and Mother.

Irving Saal S. Jack Seitlin and Family S. Lester Saal and Daughter, Faith S. Julius Samuels and Family N. Charles Rosenfeld and Carol S. Herbert E. Scher and Family S. Shapoff snd Family S. Ben Silver and Daughters. May Ellen and Arlene S. David Tepper and Family and Mrs. Milton Weiner and Family S.

Irwin Weinstein S. Joseph Weiss and Family S. Nat Roth and Family N. Rose H. Harry Simonhoff N. William R. Sperling and Family S. Samuel Traurig and sons. Robert and Walter S. Bernard Tyiell and son. Sadie Waldorf and Family N. Sidney Watserman and Family S. Weisi and Family S. Maurice M. Abraham Whitehouse and So,n S. Leo Wishman and Family S.

Martin Wueh and sons, Raymond and Ji N. Louis Ze. Today he learned the 'aleph beth. Envy this child. Proud of his heritage, secure in the hope of a blossoming future, he will grow strong in mind and character, worthy to take his place alongside his fellows in the building of a better world. A child of his people, he belongs to the future and the future belongs to him. Through Jewish education, this child will become a better Jew and, therefore, a better American.

To this child and thousands like him you bring improved standards of Jewish education through your support of the Bureau of Jewish Education of Greater Miami, the educational agency of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation. Throufh the Bureau of Jewish Educa- tion all Jewish schoolsorthodox, con- servative, liberal, reform non-congrega- tionalare served. High objectives are set; teachers licensed and trained; scholarship encouraged; adult educa- tion stimulated; and all branches of Jewish education coordinated.

Paid Adv. Vt tin '. Holy days and holidays for Jewish servicemen the world over are made possible by JWB's field staff, food supplies, religious materials and work of corps of Jewish chaplains recruited and served by JWB.

Kenoe, deceased; and that on the 2 day of October, I, will apply to the Honorable w r Ml. County Judge of Dade County. September 6. President N. Sixth Street.

L DAY. Variety Keynotes Community. Series l. Announcement was also made Seventh Wave - Rain District - Sounds I Hide Dr. Yaacov Aharon Brin has been named economic counsellor in London, replacing E. Orfeo Hispanico Choral Group "The moral and material aid which individual Americans and our government give now to the Republic of Israel represents an investment in humanity and also in the future of the ideals of free- dom and peace for which ah mankind is striving.

Among the first to recogn- Washington Ave. Also scheduled to apepar in the Rubenstein. January Iu' experience. Wejdman and his Another young artist said to be 'Sfrv? Of his New York debut newcomers. Christian Science Monitor noted. Competing against artists "Received an ovation, his playing trom 40 countries at the Inter- wa' mature, impressive and ex- national Music Competition at citing.

I Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 most remarkable young Considered the greatest humorist pianist encountered by this re- in modern dance Weidman taught viewer in twenty years of music. The Los Angeles Times in commenting on the per- formance says. Her recordings have preceded her and the Satur- day Review of Literature wrote of her "superb purity of voice.

Formerly occupied by Kraft, the new Breakstone headquarters contains over Established in Breakstone has acquired a national reputation fojl quality dairy products. These foods, produced in strict accord, with the laws of kashruth, are distributed to local merchantil fleet of modern refrigerated trucks. The distributors are also j representatives for Royal Snack herring products. Ida Optner. Candidates and their sponsor- ing organizations are: Mrs. Ber- nard Stevens. Menorah Group of Hadassah: Mrs.

Abraham Shed- roff. Pioneer Women Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 No. Two; Mrs. Co-chairmen of the event are Mrs Milton Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 and Mrs. Present assumptions must be supported at all costs, regardless of the mounting evidence to the contrary.

After all, the Theory is so important!! One of these states that the universe is young, some 7, — 10, years old. The other states that the universe is some 15 — 17 Billion years old.

There appears to be much good evidence in support of both sets of theories. At this point in our discoveries no evidence has been found to positively exclude the theory of a young universe. I do care about the facts.

For instance, I take the Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 that no transitional fossils have been found and none are in the very extensive collection some 60, fossils in the British Museum of Science and History to be a fairly good piece of evidence suggesting that there are none and there have, therefore, never been any transitional lifeforms.

This, then, points me to the conclusion that a prolonged evolution over time has not happened and does not explain how life on earth came to be in the first place, nor how it has come to be so varied. I would like to present this piece of evidence for a creative intelligence behind the obvious design of the universe, Owl.

How did such complex things as love, hatred and fear evolve from some speculative pre-biotic soup of chemicals? In conclusion, Owl, you might not want my religion. No one is forcing you. But you seem very disturbed at having anyone share with you. I now know better.

Christ gives all whom he chooses to save a free gift of salvation, but he expects our devotion and obedience in return. For this reason, we have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside to One Too Many Mornings - Bob Dylan - Bob Dylans Greatest Hits Vol.III us choose to obey Him.

Christians are called to be holy, like God. And one day, when He has re-made me, though I am far short of it today, I will be perfectly conformed to His will. The Jesus myth is simply that: a myth. So the asshole got unset at me for calling him a dumbass. The simple fact that you dismiss Josh in such an off hand manner shows that you have no idea with whom you are dealing with. The fact that you will face up against Owlmirrow also shows you have no idea with whom you are dealing with.

Also, telling people you you not deal with them is no guarantee that they will be quiet. It will be so much fun to watch you being pulled apart, organ by organ. One last bit of advise, you arrogant pile of shit. You can get banned from this site for violating these two terms.

Godbotting Making an argument based only on the premise that your holy book is sufficient authority; citing lots of bible verses as if they were persuasive. Insipidity A great crime. Being tedious, repetitive, and completely boring; putting the blogger to sleep by going on and on about the same thing all the time. Light slows down if it goes through any medium. This drastic decrease in the speed of light would be detectable.

Your sentence Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 quote in this post is an example of a lie. Your distortion of accepted science is disgusting enough point by point. Please spare us the large posts where you attempt the gish gallop. And here I was lamenting on another thread that there were no decent christians showing up on the blog, and you Ilk had one collared here.

You call the Bose-Einstein-both-sides-are-valid clown a decent christian? Gee,the standards arent very high,are they.

Ryan, I only had to read a paragraph to realize you are a delusion godbot. You have no real idea of science except a few bullet points, that are meaningless to real practitioners like myself. If your imaginary god exists, show us the physical evidence for the alleged god. Evidence that will pass muster with scientists, magicians, and professional debunkers as being of divine, and not natural, origin.

Failure to show the evidence, but continuing to talk about god, is prove positive you are a delusional fool. I have called your bluff and exposed my cards. You either show better cards, or let me have the pot. Show the physical evidence for your deity. And you are teetering at the edge of the abyss — He that doubtith is damned Romans:something you naughty boy. And right away you demonstrate that you have no understanding of cosmology. Objects can be farther than 13 billion light years because space itself is expanding.

As far as I know, the only way that the speed of light might not be constant is only in what is currently known as the inflationary period — and it is currently entirely theoretical. It is not a reasonable assumption. And it is indeed twisting science; twisting it so much that it is indeed very nearly a lie.

You have no understanding of the underlying physics. Do you understand that the slowing of light is not dependent on the temperaturebut from the properties of the Bose-Einstein condensate? Do you not understand that most of space is not a Bose-Einstein condensate? Of course it did. But most of space is vacuum.

Therefore, the reasonable conclusion is that the speed of light mostly is and was at the speed of light in a vacuum. So what? Really, so what? Gravitational lensing is evidence in support of the current understanding of relativity and the constancy of the speed of light in a vacuum. Even if the current estimates are off by a bit, there is no way that the universe can possibly be years old because of changes in the speed of light.

The error is pretty damn small. You show great lack of respect by lying repeatedly and propagating lies. Would it be fraudulent to create something and for a man to come along and say it has the appearance of great age. As fraudulent as a counterfeiter creating bogus currency, and a man coming along and saying that it looks real. Or another example: If someone goes to a great deal of effort to create a fake antique, and deliberately fails to tell people who see the fake antique that it is entirely fake, and how it was faked, then that faker is indeed fraudulent.

The man is making the interpretation based on everything he knows about the world and how things actually age. The creator has the responsibility to communicate honestly and completely, else he is a fraud. Given that you are completely incapable of understanding science and critical analysis, we will see who needs teaching.

Your nonsense might impress the ignorant, but you certainly fail at impressing me, and anyone else with genuine knowledge. Dark matter and dark energy are not unconfirmed and are not unprovable.

And the discomfort of mathematicians demonstrates nothing whatsoever about the nature of the universe. Now this looks like a direct lie, rather than merely a propagated one. Not one single published math paper comes up with your name. Or are you using a pseudonym? No scientist would write such Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 nonsensical statement. Again: No scientist would write such utter tripe; such garbage; such nonsense; such a complete sequence of lies.

Heck, no one who knows anything about science would spew such sewage. There is no good evidence in support of a universe younger than Too Late For Tears - Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow* - Stranger In Us All billion years.

There is no evidence at all. Except for all of the numerous lines of evidence that Burnt Identity - Morgoth - Resurrection Absurd / Eternal Fall consistent only with a billions-of-years old universe.

Do you really think that just because you are utterly ignorant of the evidence that supports the scientific theory of evolution that it does not exist? Are you really so mind-numbingly ignorant that you do not realize that questions are not evidence? I do find liars disturbing, yes. Come back with an awareness of how wrong and deceptive you have been and maybe I will be less disturbed. I am sorry that you have chosen a cheap and easy answer that feels good and encourages you to lie rather than pursuing knowledge and truth honestly.

Not all Christians feel that way, and I do respect scientists who are Christians — as long as they avoid lies and nonsense. Are they called to lie?

If the speed of light was somehow lowerthen the time that it took for that light to travel must have been higher. Thus, even if there were magical Bose-Einstein condensates magically slowing down light what, exactly the same everywhere?

Hello, Sports fans! NOTE: All of you with paralyzed attention spans the product of too much exposure to popular media and long hours spent wasting time on video games, just check out now. Catch the flurry at the end. To: Stanton, RE: comment about Syria vs. Assyria and his assessment of my mental abilities for not being able to distinguish the two. Assyria was the later and far more powerful of the two.

I suggest you read a little before you call anyone an idiot. I forgive you. To: Janine Omnivore. Who am I dealing with, Janine? Clearly, in you I am dealing with someone whose lack of creativity is paralleled only by an equal lack of intelligence and inability to use the English language effectively. Profanity and slander are crutches. You should know better. Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 for Josh, his assertion that Odin is anything like a loving and accepting god is utter nonsense.

I think he intended it to be. His humor, though puerile, was easily detected as such: Humor. Enough said with that. Controversy draws attention and readership from people who like to see you get so upset and launch one after another fruitless attack and begin spewing expletives.

That increased readership leads to commercial ad banners. Myers has much, then, for which to thank me. And lastly, to my dear friend Mr. You are as likely to answer that one as you are to intelligently answer any of the very sound arguments I put forth, preferring instead to call me a liar and a fraud. It proves only that you are capable of being rude and childish.

We all are. However, I think you, unlike many of those posting on this board, are capable of reasoning well. That is why I choose to conduct a dialogue with you and give a sentence or two to the others. Rather, enticing you, drawing you out of your prejudices to reason. Are you up to it, or will this post just result in an unreasoned slur of profanity and excerpted passages taken out of context, left unanswered, and exposed to slander?

We shall see. As for lies, the Devil is the father of lies. He has been a liar since the beginning. Truth is not his nature and he cannot tell the truth except in cases where he may twist and pervert it. The rat eats it and dies. I believe in you.

Now, to the issue of being published. But that somehow prohibits one from having an understanding of mathematics…in your eyes only. You are pretty arrogant yourself, Mr. Owl, if you think you are better.

It is filled with a lot of things that we Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 not know the first thing about. Many things we learn disprove prior assertions. Others are simply brain-washed. I pray for the opening of the minds of the latter and the former parties. Hugh Ross who asserts that the universe is billions of years old www. John D. Back to the Big Bang: In a commonly held theory about the creation of the universe, there is speculated to have been a cosmological inflationary period.

This theory essentially states that the universe got really big, really fast and expended most of its energy within the first picoseconds of its existence. There is, in fact, Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 way to prove one way or the other what happened before there were scientists or instruments around to directly observe it. Had you bothered to inquire into the nature of gravitational lensing, a person of your indubitable intelligence would have noted Vogt Dem For Hunden - Stavangerensemblet - Ta Ein Kjangs! such an effect can accelerate or decelerate light, making objects appear farther or closer than they actually are.

Man has been observing this with, pardon me, but rather crude implementation for not even a century. Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 are an example of a natural clock within our solar system. With each orbit around the sun, comets lose considerable mass.

They cannot be very old because they cannot survive many orbits. To get around this problem, many astronomers assume there is a vast cloud of comets out near the edge of the solar system, which releases new comets every so often. The problem is that there is no observational evidence such a cloud exists at all. Each year our knowledge of astronomy increases with new evidence concerning the origin of our solar system, our galaxy, and our universe.

While it is possible to make assumptions beyond what can be observed and verified, the heavens continue to bear witness to recent creation. A star is a continuous explosion of awesome power. The power to create a universe with a billion galaxies, each with a billion stars, is beyond imagination. To create matter and energy can only be done by a Creator who is outside of nature.

The creation of the laws of nature themselves demonstrates a even greater power. These laws are balanced so that our sun provides the energy to us day by day. These laws are balanced so the molecules within us can use that energy. Light from stars and the sun begins with hydrogen. Hydrogen is the most plentiful element in the universe. The sun is a large ball of very hot hydrogen.

The energy of the sun comes from explosions of hydrogen. These are nuclear explosions, which are much more powerful than chemical explosions. In the core of the sun, the huge forces cause nuclear fusion reactions. Hydrogen atoms fuse together into helium and release huge amounts of energy.

These explosions do not cause the sun to suddenly blow up and then go cold. The balanced laws of physics hold our sun together. Gravity pulls the atoms back as each Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 pushes them away. This balance keeps the billions of stars in billions of galaxies burning. If the laws of nature were just slightly different, the delicate balance would not exist between hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon.

Without this balance thousands of critical molecular interactions would not happen. There are only a few elements that can sustain life through their unique properties.

This is well more than can possibly be allowed to random chance, no matter how many Billions — or Trillions of years you throw at it.

So, here goes…. Our galaxy is called the Milky Way. It is shaped in a spiral, like a spinning octopus. The spiral arms and center of our galaxy are bright because there are many stars close together. Our galaxy is different from many other galaxies.

Older, smaller, elliptical, and irregular galaxies do not contain the right amounts of elements necessary to form the proper balance of stars and planets needed to support life. Some stars explode into supernovas. Deadly radiation flows through nearby stars and planets.

The center and arms of galaxies are flooded with high amounts of radiation. Most stars are located in places with too much harmful energy for life. Our solar system is located in the outer regions of the Milky Way. Most of the stars in our galaxy are in the larger spiral arms or in the center.

There are few stars near us. Because of this, there is a low amount of radiation surrounding our solar system, and we can observe the rest of the universe and our own galaxy much better.

In ordinary experience, one knows intuitively that nothing happens in isolation. Every event can be traced to one or more events which preceded it and that, in fact, caused it.

When we try to trace the event to its cause, or causes, we find that we never seem to reach a stopping point. The cause of the event was itself caused by a prior cause, which was affected by a previous cause, and so on back.

Police investigators on an accident scene, for instance, use the principles of cause and effect every day to determine who was ultimately responsible and how it happened. A scientific experiment specifically tries to relate effects to causes, in the form of quantitative equations if possible. Thus, if one repeats the same experiment with exactly the same factors, then exactly the same results will be reproduced.

Science in the modern sense would be altogether impossible if cause and effect should cease. This Cause is best explained by a force outside the natural and observable laws of nature. Ordered systems or structures do not happen spontaneously. We never observe orderliness occurring by accident, without an intelligent cause to direct the order.

No amount of power or energy is enough to bring order out of chaos. Likewise, if we drop a plain glass bottle of spoiled milk on bricks, it quite naturally shatters into a more disorderly arrangement: chaotic glass fragments mixed with spilled spoiled milk.

It could never reform itself into a more exquisitely-sculpted glass container containing fresh milk! A tired human eats to gain food energy, but eating hot coals is not an adequate energy source, because it fails to match and cooperate with the orderly design of human digestive systems.

Everyday experiences, such as broken watches and spilled milk, remind us that order does not happen by itself. In fact, our entire universe teaches us that same truth. An identical tooth was found in the same region in Yes, you heard that right, Owlie and all Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 other faithful readers … a pig.

There was no transitional fossil there. So, where is one example of a transitional fossil: I amen one that clearly demonstrates a transitional leap from one species to another.

Lastly, I introduced a bit of humor in my last post. It would make tearing apart your arguments what arguments? All you gave were one-or-two-line accusations! I think it would be a good idea for all the people who slap a Jesus Fish or other Christian-mottoed bumper sticker on their car to drive with the courtesy and respect for others that are the marks of holiness.

If you drive with an utter disregard for the safety of others and have such a device on the back of your car, you bring dishonor to the Name of Christ.

It was intended to be funny to non-believers and convicting to Christians. But you have dishonored the name of the God I worship and adore, calling Him a liar, a fake, a fraud, and a counterfeiter, among other things. Read 1 Kings to see how God has showed His power in the past.

There are many people far more capable of defending the creation and intelligent design position, but you get me. This would seem to indicate that you look at Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 in the mirror and see someone who is wise. Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight.

You might look at yourself in the mirror and see someone who is wise. The rest of us see a bird-brain. God is the Author and Organizer of orderliness. His design and construction of our own bodies, through the complexity of biogenesis, is a proper reason for glorifying and thanking Him for making us.

Congratulations, Owlmirror and Janice Omnivore. If not, you get a lot of Atheists all navel-gazing and congratulating each other on how profound For The Ejection Of Rest; Theyll Dance - Kaddisfly - Buy Our Intention; Well Buy You A Unicorn thoughts are.

RB, your links are already refuted by TalkOrigins. You have nothing, just like all believers in imaginary deities and Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 bibles. You will gain wisdom when you give up childishness such as belief in deities. All comments containing more that two URLs are held for review, regardless of whether they are posted by Richard Dawkins or Eric Hovind. It is done automatically. Java man was supported by other finds and is not a fraud in any way.

Is there some difference in opinion on the find, sure. But it is not fraud. Orce man — there was never a consensus on the identification of this fragment and calling it a fraud is a leap. A leap that Creationists are more than happy to make, frequently. Owl Mirror, I pity you. You levy attacks that you can in no way support. You will not even answer questions posed to you, as you prefer to attack with diatribes and false assessments of character based only on your own poor judgment.

You cannot produce one, single transitional fossil and you know it. You and all evolutionists are intentionally blind to facts. It is indeed clear that uneducated atheists senselessly rambling and positing their own opinions are all that post to this blog. I gave you much more time than your ramblings are indeed worth. I did want to question the meaning of your moniker, Owl Mirror. Our culture has attributed wisdom in a symbolic sense to the owl.

A mirror is a reflective device one uses to observe oneself. Is it therefore your assertion that you look at yourself and observe wisdom? If so, in departing, you have my hearty laughter. All I see in you is a bird-brain without the faculty of reason.

If I were to do it, though, would you be willing to honestly admit that you, or your sources of information, were wrong? You mean the questions posed about love, hate, and fear? I did not bother to answer them because the questions are completely irrelevant non-sequiturs.

Are you willing to answer any of my questions? Are you even capable of realizing that your entire argument was utterly absurd in more ways than one from start to finish? My judgment is excellent and my assessment of character was and is absolutely correct: You are, at the very least, incompetent to recognize distortions of science and fallacious reasoning, and propagate them vigorously. You have shown no facts whatsoever. Creationists have no facts.

And I gave you much more time than you are worth. You are indeed deserving of pity. Is the pity party over? Easy read the link he gave youI read yours and subsequently showed the idiocy of it. And you must be holding a mirror up to yourself. Anybody who believes in the bible and imagainary deities has no claim to the faculty of reason.

Those beliefs are unreasonable, since there is no physical evidence for god, and without god, the bible is only a work of fiction. So, take your attitude with you when you leave. I suspect that Ryan is bipolar, and types up these long screeds in his manic phase. Both Syria and Assyria were enemies of Israel. And you were, of course, wrong. How hard is that? Most of what occupies space and even the very nature of space is entirely unknown. There are no findings that refute the reasoned, evidence-based conclusion of a billions-year-old universe.

Hugh Ross who asserts that the universe is billions of years old — and Dr. Man, get over yourself. Stick to the point.

Are you capable of any self control at all? Um, no. Completely bogus from start to finish. So, are you just lying, or are you just a brainwashed idiot transmitting the lies of others? Had you bothered to inquire into the nature of gravitational lensing… No, actually, a Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 as stupid as you could not possibly understand how that ridiculous summary is completely wrong.

Never mind. Good one! Plain and simple falsehood, not by the heavens, but by Creationists, who have a psychological and financial investment in propagating lies.

More to the point, though, no one has shown that any such change is physically possible. We only have one universe to study, right now. This law inevitably leads to a choice between two alternatives: 1 an infinite chain of non-primary causes nothing ultimately responsible for all observable causes and effects ; or 2 an uncaused primary Cause of all causes. Either way, you break logic. Aw, poor widdle God. All he has is a weak, foolish human for a mouthpiece. How sad. How utterly pathetic.

Good job. It is unwise in the extreme. Oh, nonsense. If God exists, and has all knowledge and all power, then God is reading these very words Various - PercTrax Vs PoleGroup Pt.I (File) I type them, and is perfectly capable of responding in a normal human voice, demonstrating that existence, knowledge and power.

There never is anything, because the God you claim exists does not exist outside of your imagination. How dare you accuse me of being grumpy! Say, would You like to wager on whether a righteous man losing everything will curse You or not?

That always seems to cheer You up. You did present a website concerning transitional fossils which presently I am examining. I did look up Rev. What fossil fragments I doo see look, honestly, like the front part of the mouth and perhaps the digits of a squashed crocodile or alligator. You are very insulting and immature to suggest that anyone whom you do not know is bi-polar, in need of medication all of which is pharmacological, by the way — however you do get some big-boy points for using a big word.

Please note that I am impressed with youor writes long-winded essays in a manic phase. But, as I stated earlier, I was once an angry young man not unlike yourself. Thus, I understand your need to make such assessments of people who reason well beyond your capability. You feel intimidated and you lash out with personal epithets.

But I am here for Im Alone - Big Dani Perez - Saxplosion (Vinyl, Album) greater good. I do have this favor to ask, and hopefully you will not ignore it. Please answer the following questions numbered. I have a Masters degree in Biology, thesis in Immunohistology. My doctoral work is in Diagnostic Pathology Techniques.

We can only speculate. Andrews in Scotland of a newly forming protoplanet around the star HL Tau. Any rational person might think that if we can discover pebble sized particles around a star light-years from Earth we could just point the Hubble Space Telescope out where we suspect the Oort cloud exist, take a few pictures and call the matter closed.

Nothing like an Oort cloud can be confirmed positively by any empirical method. I beleive in you, Owl, I think you can do it. Take a gun and shoot a wristwatch with a bullet and give Omaha - Counting Crows - Films About Ghosts (The Best Of Counting Crows) a report of your findings about the orderliness of the watch both before and after the shooting.

Now, put as many of the obliterated components as you can find, put them in a jar and shake them until you once again have a fully assembled, fully functional watch. Tell me when you once again have a fully assembled, fully functional watch. Where are you pal? Maybe when someone imposes a few ground rules to engage in an intelligent discussion i. On the other hand, it is a Saturday morning. Well do I remember the mornings after, when I had no comfort from a loving God. Bless you, Owl.

I eagerly await your response. We are terribly disappointed in you. We were hoping you would be first. Now, why would you do this? Is it because you are a truth-seeker, actively engaged in the process of discovery and wishing to cultivate knowledge in yourself and others? Yes, that makes a great deal more sense. That would be the reason that you do such a thing.

I have a thought-experiment for you. You can even use the watch itself to time the process! How convenient is that? If you get tired of waiting, try putting a second watch next to it, or on it, or bang them together good and hard, or titillate them with Timex porn, as is your wont, and time how long it takes before a fully functional, separate third watch or hell, any kind of watch is produced as a result of the conjoining of the two.

Look At. - Dawn - Candida you pull this one off, Rynie, you will have produced empirical evidence of the self-replicating nature of wristwatches, and you will be famous. Oh Ryan, seriously, bring it. This should be rich. Ticktalick looks like a squished alligator to me.

Shorthorn Robert S. Cody, Vice President, Dorothy G. Cody, Secretary-Treasurer. Advertising Vates covered i October Herefords Rate Card No. Rate Card mailed on request.

Audit Bureau of Circulations. Advertising Representatives: February Florida Horses. Wacker Dr. Colorado Blvd. A good worming now will let your cows take advantage of ALL the feed and pasture they get. Try some of these: Hex-A-Phene, a combination six ounce Coopa-Fine, phenothiazine ground extra dose that works on worms and flukes, fine for faster work.

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I have lost part of the ad with the address. Would you please let me have it. Collins, We were glad to help this reader and Jr. See story herewith. Santa Gertrudis Breeder Points Out Error in Advertisement to thank Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 for the nice picture and Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 you gave the new ranch.

Coated inside In my with a fiberglass resin, one foot up from bottom, advertisement for Crews Ranch to get the same feeling for the potential Two-compartment tray holds more than 22 gallons. There is seldom a time Tray corners fiberglass for added strength. It should have been with you, we made it! We liked the ad and hope that we have Will you please point this out in some a good sale in February and hope that S TOnM way to your readers so interested parties the cattle market is not down so much can reach me properly by telephone?

Phone WARoute 1, Box happy to show your Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 phone num- very best of everything for i Frances Weaver Mrs. Otto L. M Head Wt. Al Head Wt. Calves Swine Chens by experienced cattlemen. His sons and daughters are featured in this sale. Cowmen will find this "New Issue" offering compares favorably with the bulls and, heifers that we sell each fall in our Fort Worth sale.

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However, I do we say they are-and still as inexpensive as ever. American National CowBelles, Inc. Mooney, N. Please send him at P. Box 7 Miles North on U. Increased consumption Amarillo By Morning - Gil Sandoval - Long Road To Nashville unpalatable roughage and greater efficiency in the utilization of fiber cellulose.

Increased longevity Het Verhaal Van Oliver & Company - Various - Walt Disney Pictures Presenteert: Oliver & Company lifetime production of l Increased efficiency in control of internal parasites breeding stock.

Reference: Everglades experiment station mimeo reports ; ; ; ; andreporting on the results of six years of research on the seasonal feeding 82 to days of heavy mill-run blackstrap molasses, to breeding cows as a supplement to pasture. He is a great horse enthusiast, close friend of our late Carl Rose. He travels much, in the U. He married one of my cousins ida Future Farmer, who up in Illinois, they have two nearly grown daughters, one is attending the lives at Lorida, Florida, University of Florida.

Loyle is growing year in Willoughby tral Feeds for show Many thanks, Professor, and we welpurposes. The horse wormer is mixed into the feed, thereby enablCentral uses quality ingredients and has practical know-how ing horses to worm themselves without being handled. Equi-Verm is reported to offer you outstanding feeds for any purpose.

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If you need feed let us work with you. Other models are also available 33d St. Broadway P. Science for the world's well-being Chas. Highway frontage facturer, the Cam-Pact Company of Nokomis.

It is designed especially for mounting on the Chevrolet 95 Rampside Bull Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 Pickup rearengine unit.

The complete Feed lots body, with all equipment, weighs only pounds. The company says Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 the unit is ideal for the horse show en. On any new fences you can thusiast, fisherman or most any other special interest. Algit may be fed to cattle, hogs, poultry, sheep, horses Change Begins With Me - Matt Zarley - Change Begins With Me domestic animal pets as a nutritive supplemental feed in up to five percent quantities, it was reported.

Supply Company, headquartered at Deerfield Beach, recently completed construetion on new feed handling facilities at their Okeechobee plant. Oswald Forsee, Okeechobee manager, said the new equipment includes a hammer-mill and blower, holding and loading bins, and sacking equipment. He said it will speed up the mixing of the comWIRE P Opany's formula feeds as well as custom batches for individual customers.

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Try it on your pasture this year. Raymond E. Pinner Mr. Roger A. DivisionOffice Mr. NorrranE j M6P. Box i Phone: P. BoxPhon McormikR Mr. Mr" '-W-Beckett P. BoxPhone: P. BoxP'hone: WE I' 0. Wells, Jr. Hackle M vr.

Hurst Mr. BoxPhpne-'. BoxPhone: Mr. Yeatts -Mr. Box Phone, Box 8, Phone: HA Brantley Mr, 0. They have a natural craving for it and eat only as much as they need. By combining minerals with salt, Carey can regulate the amount of mineral they will eat. Therefore, nothing does a Instinct - Clorange - Instinct job of regulating mineral intake than the cow's own tongue.

Each Carey formula provides guaranteed percentages to meet the needs of livestock under varying feeding conditions. When you feed Carey mineral-conditioned salt, your animals get the amount they need without dangerous and costly over-feeding.

If you want to study the guaranteed analyses and feeding instructions, just check P the products listed below, tear it out and mail to Carey with your return address.

Recommended inl A high level phosphorus 7. Supplies calcium and phosphorus ficiency. Supplies manganese, iron, copper, cobalt, sulfur, zinc, and in 1.

Also provides 64, U. Supplies calcium and when a high level of trace minerals is desired. Formulated for cattle, sheep or swine in manure of treated cattle. Helps protect cattle and sheep from inter feedlot or to supplement the dairy ration.

Provides over three times nal parasites. Supplies essential trace minerals. Supplies guaranteed percentages of essential H-O T trace minerals. Aids in the prevention of reA thrifty mineral supplement 2. The organic iodine is non-toxic, palatable, and livestock.

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L mated Feedlot Systems. According to company officials, the page publication is fully illustrated and contains in. Formation about farm automation. It also contains a section devoted to feedlot planning basics including the do's "Greatest Invention Since the Branding Iron" and dont's of planning, has suggested cattle feeding plans and large beef feed.

By tion for all types of animal and poultry using color, you can separate families, feeds, including mineral feeds, is now strains, high or low producers, culls, available from the Peter Hand Founda.

Rasmussen of The color goes completely through the research Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 of the Foundation, the The wilr nat s dicolorfaey ant ilhedrhnusdoakutugeesah the tag not just painting on the outside, vitamin products, guaranteed to be in the They will not discolor or fade, and will feed when ved, make it unnecessary t last the Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 of the animal.

Names, let- add large overages-to insure that the ani[ters and numbers are printed free on mal receives its vital supply of D. Ideal for custom feeders Wiley Akins, vice president and generSolid tough weather resistant or where performance records are kept. Easy to install.

He also stated that they may be Temple Tags won't hang up and tear specified in custom pre-mixes. By using all 15 colors I Please send me price list and a Costfree Operation Claimed and one or both ears, you can work out I free sample of Temple Tags.

With "Motorless" Pump over different combinations for identification. Names or numbers will I fuel or electricity or motor of any kind not rub off A must if you are keeping production records. Subscribe Now! All parts are precisely formed, cut and pre-punched; drain in house, barn und the farm.

Officials reotta e jet-as I nothing to cut or measure. A few men with hand tools can put it up in hours. Offics repot pipes in etys V1Ou resot ost pipnces. It has proven to be most practical and profitable in this area. A company official says that the new control permits hundreds of in. The device, called a hydraulic ran, Central Molasses Co. Suburban Industries, Inc. Box Tampa, Florida P. Box Okeechobee, Florida water to force a portion of that water Phone Phone RO or RO to a higher elevation or distant point.

Ward Enterprises Primary operational requirements are Drake Ave. Phone Branford, Florida a minimum source flow of six g. Ward Enterprises the smallest model, and two feet or more P. Box Lake City, Florida of vertical fall from the source to the Phone Boynton Beach Phone or ram. An illustrated brochure describing principles, requirements, installation, and For fences that last specifications is available on request from Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 manufacturer.

He predicted that the city on the banks of the Wabash would soon be the C reosoted vaccine capital of the world. The plant, designed for packing vaccines for veterinary and human use, is part of an exFtensive expansion effort by Pfizer, it was reported. Foreign and American Wire. Meritt, Sr. Box Ph. RE P. Box 48 Ph. For 22 years this original Franklin concentrated method has provided the advantages of a small 2cc dose that is both unsurpassed for protection, and unmatched for convenience.

Life Savers for Young Calves! Go modern handy source of fights scour-causing bacteria in the gut. Contains Sulfa- with the fast, safe, helpful data on methazine that gives systemic action against pneumonia. Effective for calves, sheep and pigs.

Each cc contains1. Or Cows, especially coming from dry pasture, need replenishing of the liver write to nearest Franklin storage of vitamin A prior to calving time.

Combination tion. Officials report that the firm is the only major milking machine company in the U. Merritt said that the manufacturing and shipping facilities would remain at Liver Flukes and the present location in Chicago. Each dose iliin is inddition to his indusof DUO-BOV contains Hexachloroethane and Phenothiazine t r i a I background, scientifically formulated to accomplish control of both types he has also been engaged for a numof parasites at the same time.

DUO-BOV is designed for ber of years as a use where situations make it impractical to give separate tax specialist and treatments. The varied experience of Janiak conP.

BX 3 T Nice Work If You Can Get It - Billie Holiday - Billie Holiday (Box Set) with that of other key members of Nu-Age, will enable the company's customers to draw on a pool of tecihcal knowledge and experience covering the entire field of mechanical-financial-administrative functions Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 farm operations, it was reported.

HE OE B. Troup, president of the company, is well known in south Florida for the annual Circle T Rodeo, an amateur rodeo event, produced by Circle Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 Ranch of Indiantown, another Troup owned organization. Consistently so, as these fritted trace manganese, zinc, copper and molybdenum. Purpose elements can't wash away.

They remain in the root zone of this is to protect plants from secondary trace-element until entirely utilized, providing essential nutrients as deficiencies often unsuspected until well along in the needed through a full growing season or longer, growing season.

Even where no new deficiencies are Controlled Solubility of FTE makes fertilizers more pre- evident, use of the six minerals in combination has dictable, more productive. Used with limestone or dolo- proved to be beneficial-and profitable to food producers. And look into first in extensive field trials conducted by Agricultural before you firm up plans for the coming season? FTE Experiment Stations of University of Florida, and We Can Do It ( Club Mix) - Duke Walker, DJ Fernando Lopez - We Can Do It / Piano Moon is available in a number of high-productivity fertilizers, confirmed on tens of thousands of acres.

We'll be Because FTE can't quickly dissolve, it is safer to use; happy to send you names of theseFlorida manufacturers. Hodges and D. Roy A. Bair, Ph. This photograph was taken on Armistice Day of that year and shows the effect of the fever on these animals. George Bronson, Kissimmee. For this reason, we ask you to cnat ustday in view of your fuue needs Shown year.

Gal f te eent as o dvelp a discussing the project from left, are: Robert F. Cochran, Jr. Mangels, president, Dade County Cattlemen's Association. Higbie is pointing to the The potential of the Florida beef indus- promotional message that will be the first to be used on the billboards.

Giles, assistant marketing specialist with the Florida Ag- lot steers and heifers,creep fed 50 percent and also announced that arricultural Extension Service, who Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 the beef calves,breeding hogs over rangements have been made for H.

About 55 percent, or million pounds, Funky Love Child - Various - Psycho Nite Tape II: Musical Madness And More From Japan market weight, 6, laying hens, Dr.

Cake, marketing economist of this total was fed beef grading U. Of this million of age. Service, told the group that if he had to pounds of quality beef, Floridians pro- Stiles also discussed the livestock popu- form a cooperative for purchasing feed duced only about 60 million pounds, so lation changes in Florida since His and feeding steers he "would make haste there is already a local market for an ad- comparison of livestock numbers for slowly-and probably in the end wouldn't ditional million pounds of fed beef in and follows: form one at all.

IneseneTurkeys, t osdrbfr omn oo edo pared to16, ie ad I secCommercial Broilers 9, 9, tocniebfrfrmgac-pfedt this means the Florida beef industry will I See You - Yes - Yes. Witt, USDA agricultural statis- are as follows: have to increase by this amount to con- tician, pointed out that 11, bushels 1 Is there an ample source of good tinue producing the current percentage of of corn are produced in Florida each year.

Florida consumption. Whether it does or Grain storage capacity was estimated at 2 Is there a supply of cattle of the niot depends on economic and physical 3, bushels, with Stiles, chief of the Florida De- 1,38, head of cattlewere on feed produced locally?

McPherson of the Univer- five years? Florida to feed steers 'here, than it is to 6 Do local people have the capital it Number of livestock used as a founda- ship in finished meat carcasses. McPherson pointed out Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 interested in contracting for the uniform 48, bulls,beef steers and heif- single rail car rates 50 ton minimum output of a feedlot on a constant basis at ers one to two years of age, 83, feed- on grain have already been reduced about fair market prices?

It's a highly concentrated quality control. Figand D. And your total feed cost to Feed only lb per head daily-no other build beef fast. Get set to be pleasantly surprised! Moorman Mfg. N B Pace, animal husbandman, Florida Agri- ceptable to feedlot feeders; veService, emphasized 2 Develop programs which are as eco iO that cattlemen must strive for a higher nomical as possible to grow out calves rate of reproduction, advised that cows from weaning to about pound feeder must possess good milking qualities and steer weights; be of uniform quality, a definite breeding 3 Develop economical programs to fin.

Armour's B. NOBA is the exclusive agent for this years, sell all open cows, sell all cows that He said loans should be set up on a Super-Superior product. Supervisor, level, and practice proper disease control.

Baker, Jr. He found that "The cattleman may be inclined to rebreeding is not important as long as type pay his loan after he receives a check and conformation are adequate, although Rob Swift - The Architect the sale, which means the cattle have crosses or mixed breeds are preferred to already been slaughtered and are on their straight Hereford cattle by some feeders.

He found that plain im- tleman. Cunha, head of the Univer- at Jacksonville supported Washington - Hybrid - Dead In Tombstone Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (File) program by sity of Florida's Department of Animal providing lunch for the group. CurOur Prompt Attention.

He He pointed out that it takes about succeeds J. Dan English in this office. We sold 5 junior Sho-Glo do just that. They build the every bag of Calf Manna and Sho-Glo. We've found that kind of body, bloom and condition that In two ways. First, you use less supple- Calf Manna and Sho-Glo-coupled with judges look for.

And keeping cattle on ment when you feed Calf Manna and a sound, practical breeding program- feed is no longer a problem-with Calf Sho-Glo.

Second, each one is form- bringustop results in beef production. Calf Manna and Sho-Glo in your feeding program. Do it soon! Also details on Stepping Stone - Civil Defense - Propaganda vs.

Civil Defense Manna creep feedingI Write for your copy today. Range Conservationists, SCS Operators in the Southeastk who are making the most profit from. Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 most instances, this is improved, fertilized pasture.

Proper use FIGURE 1-Average distribution and length of grazing, Good Times - The Jacksons - The Jacksons and suckling periods will also prevent the forage resource from for the mother cow during a hour period. After watering, alone or in small bunches. They come ing as an aid to proper grazing use so the they rest a few minutes and then resume back together to enjoy the afternoon rest most robust and palatable plants can grazing.

They graze until about noon, at period as well as to share the bed ground maintain themselves and compete Fleetwood Mac - Man Of The World which time the calf nurses again.

Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 at night. They are, however, selective erals, good water, and salt where the cow nurses her calf, takes another in what they eat if a choice is placed beneeded.

They like certain plants betA cow is a remarkable quadruped. She sumes grazing. She grazes until eight or tar than others during certain seasons. During this graz- Certain parts of plants are preferred over automatic and self-fueled, and has a built- ing period, cows graze in the general others. For example, they generally prein manure spreader. She is both a har- direction of where they plan to bed down fer the leaves of grasses over the seed vester and manufacturer.

She harvests for the night, stalks, yet when grasses ripen their seeds grass and manufactures it into market- In summer, cows like to bed on high cattle have been noticed to select the able products. However, like any other places because it is cooler and freer from seedheads over the leaves and stems. In winter or during storms, they forbs and shrubs. Their preference vanie managed if an investment in her is to be like to bed down on the leeward side of Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 the seasons, as does the amount profitable, a ridge or in a brush thicket.

The calf of each plant consumed. What does a cow normally do with the nurses again before they bed down for It was cow, not man, that was responi 24 hours of every day that she has at her the night. At midnight, the cow gets up ble for our classifying native plants'it disposal?

During the season of the year and nurses the calf again. Mi she is nursing a calf, her daily routine While she is on her feet, she may graze merely selected the terms that bestde goes about like this: for 30 minutes or so. On moonlight nights, scribed plants' reaction to grazing bc She rises from her bed at daybreak, this grazing period may be extended.

Plants most preferredb to ten minutes ruminating before she stays bedded down resting and rumin- cows during the growing season arte starts grazing. The calf bawls and de- ating until daylight when a cow's day ones that are grazed the closest. If plants are continually grazedcls grazing very intensively. After the caf Cows generally lick salt during the year after year, they die out or decreas nurses, both cow and calf graze toward morning or evening grazing period, under grazing, thus the term decreee water.

They like to have their first During daylight hours, cows like to plants. They increasei 28 The Florida Cattlea Just a flip of the wrist and Cutter Blacklegol vaccines go into complete suspension quickly and easily. You know all the antigens are distributed equally, without lumps or clots because the clear Cutter bottle lets you see it. Each shot of a Blacklegol vaccine is equally potent from first to last.

Important, yes, but making sure that potency is the strongest available is D what makes Cutter Blacklegol vaccines the best you can buy. And each lot of Blacklegol vaccines must pass this demanding doubled potency test or it is discarded-never sold. This selection and use of the outbreak cultures keeps Blacklegol vaccines "muscled-up" to deliver needed protection.

This, plus an unmatched record of over 66 years' experience, research know-how and continuing ranch use proves how good Blacklegol vaccines really are. Remember, you're not just vaccinating to "go through the motions". You're protecting your herd. Give your cattle all the protection they need with: Blacklegol" Best protection against blackleg. Blacklegol" 'S' Best double' for protection against both blackleg and malignant edema.

Blacklegol 'S-HS' Best 'triple' for protection against blackleg, malignant edema and shipping fever. Blacklegol" 'S-N' Best protection against blackleg, malignant edema and Clostridium Novyi infections. Plants in this grass "greenup" of Thats Someone You Never Forget (Takes 2, 3, 4, 5) - Elvis Presley - Kiss Me Quick Little Sister or improve If you want more net group, then, are called "increasers.

Baby calvesca course, if the remaining plants are sub- consume all the milk their mothers giv jected to destructive grazing, bare spots The cow's milk production is low whe dollar income from appear over the pasture and weedy plants she is on dry feed.

When grass st move in. These plants are foreign to the growing in the spring, the cow's milk flo your beef cows. The calf at approximately "invaders. Also, the pounds of green succulent forage is old enough to start foraging on his own per day if it is available. Contrary to the This combination results in a belief that a cow will graze until she gets pound calf at nine months of age full, she would rather be a little bit the calf has the inherent ability to cove hungry than disrupt her daily routine too feed into flesh efficiently.

Figure 2 show much. Here is where cow management the effect that season of birth and comes in if she is to be the most efficient production have on the weaning weigt in converting forage to animal products. The right kind and number of animals Early calves can be weaned and m must be sent to harvest the forage crop. By taking the calf off the cow ear crop. It permits animals to be on Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 pro- in the fall, cows have time to mend before ducing diet instead of a reducing diet.

Cow The expression has been used, "You can managed this way winter better with les feed a profit into an animal but never can care aild with less Walking Fl Hl - Al Gilbert - Graded Tap-Dancing Technique For The Whole World: Grade 3 supplement whi you starve profit from one.

Charolais-cross feeder calves are in '0 great demand-and the supply is short. Furthermore, Jan. May June July Aug.

Maybe just a little more. It won't take any more land, either. If you are in the cattle business to make money, find out about Charolais 2 01 cross-breeding. Visit some of the Charo- [ '7 lais breeders in your area and talk to 50 50 them. Look at their cattle.

You'll find it 0 time well spent. Mr -"Geting acIEtedJan. Jcsnvle lrd little further in light of a good grass man- forage together into a roll between t agement program. Cows are bred the pad and incisor teeth. This green feed tends to flush cows, like carpet grass are the most difficult and they generally settle the first heat type of forage for cows to graze.

They Home of Charolais and which makes for a uniform bunch of can eat creeping bluestem and maiden. Charbray Cattle calves. The calf crop is produced largely cane much easier. It is the best way to get the Present cattle breeding programs from 8 mos. Bulls that will gain 2. The nutritive value of the forage pounds a day and require only during this season is generally more than pounds of feed per pounds of gain Mr. Land adequate to take care of the animal's re- will transmit these same qualities to their quirements for good health and calf pro- offspring.

Calves from these bulls will Phone OL Apalachicola duction. A dry cow will 2. A poor breeder can be identiIt is here that grazable woodlands, fied, however, by the time she is three K RANCH crop aftermath or marsh ranges can be years old.

Breeding experiments show H C. Dou I. In most that if a heifer doesn't calve the first Ph. Other land im- be sold. Individ Indochar body weight during the winter months by cows also can be poor gainers and tran Home of following this type of program, but ranch- mit this characteristic to their offspin Imported Bulls er experience and recent research results Their calves will be smaller and lgh ,A ll show that this loss is not detrimental.

To than other calves their same age at wea yaval a Plantation quote fourteen years of research at Reno, ing time. Jack Pans, Mgr. Lawrence K. Jennings, owner to provide the needed protein than those Test Is Developed Mr. Vernon Wallers, Mgr. The important thing is to keep the Relatively inexpensive and easily pr paunch full. The protein supplement formed, the new test may be of great Registered uremprovides the protein and mineral re- in hog cholera research and eradicate quirements.

The test was developed Can a cow handle coarse forage? One Ah! Perfido, Op. 65 - Ludwig Van Beethoven, Staatskapelle Berlin, Arthur Apelt, Siegfried Vogel, Han L.

Mengeling, Eugene C. The lips are extremely muscular Previously, the most reliable single ATLand the upper lip is, to some extent, car- has been an inoculation test w tilaginous. Otto Weaver, Owners forbs and browse plants. Together, the market about six percent more cattle Phone26 Avenue North sharp incisor teeth of the lower jaw and calves during January through tough elastic pad of the upper jaw re- than a year earlier. This is ab e ST.


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